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The Steamclock, Gastown Vancouver

Gastown Vancouver Neighbourhood Guide

A recent revitalization of Gastown Vancouver, the city’s oldest neighbourhood, has added some refinement to the mix. It’s no longer a place for miners, drunks, and pool hall hustlers. We’re now treated to world-class restaurants, bars, and shopping. Here’s how...

The Millenium Gates at the entrance to Chinatown

Chinatown Vancouver Neighbourhood Guide

No visit to our city is complete without a stop in Chinatown Vancouver. After all, Forty three percent of Vancouverites claim Asian ancestry making it the most Asian city in North America. The Chinese are at the forefront, having played a substantial role in Vancouver’s...

Vancouver Lookout at Harbour Centre

Smack dab in between the Coast Mountains, the Pacific Ocean, and a lush coastal rainforest… Vancouver is universally regarded as one of the most beautiful cities on earth. So when I say the words Vancouver Lookout – look out! Located 168 metres above the city, this popular...

A Hop on Hop Off Bus sits at Brockton Point, Vancouver

Vancouver’s Hop On Hop Off Bus

For travellers who don’t have a vehicle, or lack the desire to traverse Vancouver’s busy transportation system, you need not fret! Westcoast Sightseeing’s Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour is an efficient, affordable and convenient way for you to travel between the sites...

science world

Science World Vancouver

Science World ignites wonder and empowers dreams. Sure, maybe it’s just a slogan but some of the over one million customers who visited last year did just that. If you’re coming to Vancouver you shouldn’t be any different. Here’s a quick guide to the greatest...

The Seattle skyline at dusk

How to Get from Vancouver to Seattle

There are currently 5 different ways to get from Vancouver to Seattle. Unfortunately all of them require travellers to make the somewhat arduous journey across the US/Canadian Border. Luckily, we’re here to ensure that with a few travel hacks, the proper documentation and the right...

The Chief of the Undersea, outside the Vancouver Aquarium

Vancouver Aquarium Conquered in A Thorough Guide

Let’s take a dip, fish freaks and crustacean crazies. In Vancouver we’ll even raise you a reptile, some monkeys, and a Pacific-White Sided Dolphin named Helen. Add it all up and we’ve got a hell of a day out. I know because I’ve been going there since I was 3...

a woman pulls a trolley along the sidewalk on her way to vancouver at abbotsford international airport

Abbotsford Airport to Vancouver Quick and Easy

Most people are under the impression that Vancouver International Airport is the only port of entry for travellers heading to the Vancouver area. And for a long time, they were right….. However, increasing tourism numbers and the proliferation of low-cost carriers has opened up...

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