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the vancouver skyline as seen from granville island market square

11 Things to Know Before Visiting Vancouver

Before visiting Vancouver there’s a few things us locals would like you to know. Taking these few things into consideration will help you understand the pleasure – and pain – of living in one of the most beautiful (and maddening) cities in the world. As much as we want...

The Ultimate 4 Day Vancouver Itinerary by Locals

Planning a Vancouver itinerary doesn’t have to be hard. The awesome attractions and nifty nature packaged here on Canada’s West Coast can be done in a way that makes it easy on the odometer – and soft on the savings account. I was born and raised here and if I were a...

The sun rises over Vancouver’s skyline

The 58 Best Things to Do in Vancouver in 2022

I’ve been looking for things to do in Vancouver since 1986. As a kid I was happy with forest trails, a dig for clams at the beach, or a trip to feed the squirrels in Stanley Park: then I grew up and wanted culture, cuisine, and cocktails. Today I’m comfortably in between and...

tourists crossing the capilano suspension bridge in vancouver bc canada

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park Guide (+13 Tips)

If you’ve ever wanted to walk on a stunning, albeit wobbly bridge that floats through a forest then you can’t miss Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in North Vancouver. Sure, when we think of a suspension bridge we often think about the traffic of cities or some San Francisco...

the raven and first men origin story at the museum of anthropology vancouver canada

Museum of Anthropology (MOA) at UBC

Looking to visit one museum that truly embodies Vancouver? Head to the Museum of Anthropology. MOA is home to the world’s premier collection of Northwest Coast Indigenous sculptures, totem poles, and antiquities – and that’s just the start. It’s also one stop...

The view from Grouse Mountain at dusk

A Guide to Grouse Mountain – The Peak of Vancouver

Grouse Mountain is Vancouver’s number one tourist attraction.  This true four-season, five-star destination just 20 minutes from downtown is an alpine playground of outdoor activities, panoramic views, and elite dining options. You may even briefly forget Vancouver even exists...

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