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Visit the FlyOver Canada 4D Video Experience

The FlyOver Canada 4D flight simulator is a popular attraction that will virtually transport you all the way across the Great White North in less time than it takes to whip up a plate of poutine.

You’ll get an up close and personal view of all of Canada’s most notable landmarks, including Canada’s Arctic, Niagara Falls, the Rocky Mountains and more. 

Perfect for the whole family, this exhilarating experience is a must see attractions – so let’s board the flight and take a deeper look.

FlyOver Canada Simulated Flight Ride in Vancouver

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A group of people enjoy the Flyover Canada flight simulator

FlyOver Canada

Located at Canada Place in the heart of the Vancouver waterfront, FlyOver Canada is a state of the art flight simulation ride that replicates a dramatic flight across Canada in just 8 minutes.

While this may not seem long, it is actually the longest flight simulation ride in the world.

The use of ground breaking 4D technology will make you feel like you’re really flying! Special effects like mist, wind, and scents combine with the full motion of the ride to generate a true feast for the senses.

Hang with your feet suspended in front of a 20-metre spherical screen as the film transports you on an exhilarating 8-minute journey across Canada, from east to west.

Feel the wind in your hair as you get up close and personal with some of Canada’s most stunning and iconic sights; from its snow capped peaks and un-tamed praries to its vibrant urban communities. You’ll see them all, without even leaving your seat!

This wallet-friendly activity is one of Vancouver’s best indoor activities when the rains come. It’s also a perfect way to break up a day spent exploring Vancouver’s top attractions.

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FlyOver Canada Prices

The cost of admission to FlyOver Canada varies slightly depending on the day you choose to visit. The prices for online tickets can be found below.

  • Adult (16+): $29.40
  • Child (0-15): $18.90

*Children 3 and under are free

There’s a minimum height requirement of 102cm or 40″ (3 feet 4 inches) to participate

It is strongly recommended to book your tickets in advance, especially in Vancouver in summer.

Being so close to Vancouver Cruise Ship Terminal there is tons of walkup traffic so you’ll want to book skip the line tickets using the calendar below:

Also, tickets at the gate currently cost $35.00 so there’s a considerable savings here.

FlyOver Canada Hours

The FlyOver Canada shows run every 15 to 20 minutes throughout the day.

  • Weekdays: 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm
  • Weekends: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Expect the entire experience to take about 25 minutes, including the prep and the Ultimate Flying Ride.

The FlyOver Canada Experience

The dream of flight is older than civilization itself.

Luckily, we’re now fortunate enough to have the opportunity to soar through the sky and leave our earthly worries behind.

This experience has provided us with a newfound perspective on the world below in a way that was previously impossible. 

As a traveler, you no doubt possess the desire to soar free like an eagle deep within your soul. Since 2013 FlyOver Canada has helped satisfy this desire for over two million visitors just like you via its thrilling virtual journey across Canada.

Aside from Vancouver seaplane tours this is the best flight feeling in the city!

A group walks through the Flyover Canada pre-show exhibit
Courtesy: Flyover Canada


Prior to departure on FlyOver Canada you’ll receive a 25 minute introductory experience that will serve to prepare you for your exhilarating trip across Canada.

Entitled Uplift, this pre-show uses 2D and 3D animations in addition to 360-degree video projection mapping to help reveal the stunning beauty of everyday life in the Great White North.

You’ll be offered brief glimpses into the lives and passions of five everyday Canadians. These vignettes include everything from hiking and forest strolls to the rigours of urban life.

You’re sure to be inspired by the multitude of stories that make up Canada’s diverse population. Afterward, as you fly over the country at high altitude you’ll be able to imagine the countless stories playing out below.

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a group flys over Niagra Falls on the Flyover Canada Experience

The Ultimate Flying Ride

You’ve arrived with your ticket in hand. The pre-show has provided you with some vital context for the experience to come. Now it’s finally time to be strapped into the flight simulator!

With your feet dangling precariously below you’ll be placed in front of a state-of-the-art 20 metre spherical screen. You’re now ready to be magically transported across the country via an exhilarating 4D film.

This revolutionary technology makes use of 3D film coupled with in-theatre physical effects that’re synchronized in time with the film.

For example, FlyOver Canada employs effects such as wind, scent, mist, temperature changes and vibration. By appealing to a variety of senses the film is able to masterfully replicate the sensation of flight through each environment.

Gaze at the towering Rocky Mountain peaks, feel the soothing cool Pacific breeze and prepare to be captivated by the Northern Lights. I swear, it’ll truly feel like you’re there! 

In order to make this whole thing possible, The FlyOver Canada producers tasked a helicopter crew to record low elevation footage all across the vast country of Canada.

These flights led to over well over 100 hours of footage which was whittled down to 18 scenes. So you can be assured that each one helps demonstrate the very best that Canada has to offer.

Visiting FlyOver Canada Tips

1) Visit on foot or via public transit

Canada Place’s central location is easily within walking distance of most Vancouver cruise port hotels. Moreover, Waterfront Station is located a short 5 minute walk from the front door.

Furthermore, the surrounding neighbourhood of Coal Harbour contains some of the most expensive parking in Vancouver. For this reason I strongly recommend advise against driving unless you have young children, are a senior citizen or are of reduced mobility.

2) Purchase tickets online

FlyOver Canada is a very popular attraction, particularly in the dog days of summer in Vancouver. The area surrounding Canada Place contains some of Vancouver’s largest hotels, the Tourism Vancouver booth and the Cruise Ship Terminal.

Furthermore, it functions as a hub for Hop on Hop Off Buses, tour buses and shuttles to attractions such as Grouse Mountain and the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

The morale of the story is that there is a significant amount of foot traffic. To reduce the chances of standing in line, I recommend purchasing your FlyOver Canada tickets online.

3) Pair your visit with a trip to the Vancouver Lookout

If you haven’t had your fill of breathtaking views, I’d recommend heading on over to the Vancouver Lookout for quite possibly the best view point in Vancouver.

This popular attraction offers 360 degree panoramic views of the city from an observation deck 170 metres above sea level. And it’s located just a 5 minute walk away near Waterfront Station.

Much like FlyOver Canada, the Vancouver Lookout doesn’t require a significant investment in time to make a visit. This makes pairing them together a great option.

4) Visit Vancouver’s most historic neighbourhoods

Another great option is to pair your trip with a visit to neighbouring Gastown (a 5-7 minute walk) or Chinatown (a 15-20 minute walk). Just head East past Waterfront Station and voila!

As Vancouver’s most historic neighbourhoods they are home many of the city’s most popular attractions, including the Gastown Steamclock, the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden and the Vancouver Police Museum.

FlyOver Canada Simulated Flight Ride FAQ

What is FlyOver Canada?

FlyOver Canada is an immersive 4D flight simulation experience that augments  a trip from coast-to-coast with a variety of visual and sensory effects .

Where is FlyOver Canada located?

FlyOver Canada is located in the iconic Canada Place building at 201-999 Canada Place Rd. right in the heart of Downtown Vancouver.

When is FlyOver Canada open?

FlyOver Canada is open from 10:00am-9:00pm daily.

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Looking to Visit FlyOver Canada in Vancouver?

I hope I’ve succeeded in providing all the information you need for your trip to the FlyOver Canada 4D flight simulator experience. But if something flew right over my head then don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section below.

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