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The Sea to Sky Highway passes by Howe Sound

How to Get to Whistler from Vancouver from $30.00

Before planning, you’ve gotta know how to get to Whistler from Vancouver first.

With half a dozen options, figuring out the best way to get to Whistler from Vancouver can get down-right confusing.

Luckily, I’m here to take you through every Vancouver to Whistler option on the market.

  1. Getting From Vancouver to Whistler
  2. Shuttle
  3. Car
  4. Bus
  5. Flights
  6. Private Transfers
  7. Trains
  8. FAQs

Where is Whistler BC?

map showing the distance from vancouver bc to whistler

Whistler is a resort town located in the southern Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains in Canada.

It’s approximately 121 kilometres (75 miles) north of Vancouver.

Of all the things to do in Whistler, it’s Whistler winter activities that are the main draw.

If you don’t even wanna lift a finger to get to Whistler, I suggest taking one of the best Whistler tours from Vancouver.

Otherwise, here’s my guide on how to get to Whistler:

How to Get from Vancouver to Whistler

The Skylynx bus in Whistler

Shuttle Bus from Vancouver to Whistler

Skylynx, Whistler Shuttle, and Epic Rides provide regular, daily shuttle services from Vancouver to Whistler.

These comfortable coach journeys offer stunning views of the city, ocean, and mountains and complimentary WiFi, allowing you to remain connected while travelling.

Additionally, this shuttle from Vancouver to Whistler can offer door-to-door delivery to your hotel in Whistler and a meet-and-greet service at the airport.

This is the easiest way to get from Vancouver to Whistler, in my opinion.

You can book your shuttle on the official Whistler.com website using the button below:

Book My Vancouver to Whistler Shuttle Now

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Driving to Whistler from Vancouver

The Sea to Sky Highway passes by Howe Sound

If you’ve got wheels, I’d highly recommend driving to Whistler from Vancouver via the Sea to Sky corridor.

Why? Well, for starters, it’s one of the ten most scenic drives in the world and takes about 90 minutes.

It’s also the most convenient way and gives you the most flexibility.

If you’re driving, expect to pay about $30.00 in gas using 2023 prices (le sigh) for the one-way trip.

Especially if you’re in Vancouver in winter, make sure to check the Highway 99 weather report first.

On the drive from Vancouver to Whistler along the Sea to Sky Highway, you can also consider seeing:

  • Stanley Park: Starting in Vancouver, this iconic park offers lush landscapes and coastal views.
  • Lions Gate Bridge: A historic bridge providing panoramic views of the harbour and mountains.
  • Horseshoe Bay: A charming village with scenic ferry terminal views.
  • Porteau Cove Provincial Park: Offers stunning waterfront views, ideal for a quick stop and photos.
  • Britannia Mine Museum: Explore a former copper mine and learn about mining history.
  • Shannon Falls Provincial Park: Home to BC’s third-highest waterfall, a short walk from the parking area.
  • Stawamus Chief: A massive granite monolith popular for hiking and rock climbing.
  • Squamish: A hub for outdoor activities with cafes and shops.
  • Sea to Sky Gondola: Offers spectacular views of Howe Sound and surrounding mountains.
  • Tantalus Lookout: A viewpoint offering breathtaking views of the Tantalus Range.
  • Brandywine Falls Provincial Park: Features a 70-meter waterfall and hiking trails.

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Buses to Whistler from Vancouver

Passengers on a shuttle bus

Taking a bus from Vancouver to Whistler is the cheapest way to get there unless you’ve got your own car or you’re fit to walk.

The Whistler bus service takes around 2 hours from its stop in downtown Vancouver outside the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

The most frequent and most reliable bus service is run by Skylynx.

I love using them because they’ve got free wifi and charging stations so I can zone out on my tablet, or get work done on my laptop.

They also give you one 50 lb carry on as well as a ski or snowboard.

One way tickets cost $46.67 CAD (about $35.00 USD).

With schedules frequently changing, it’s best to click the orange booking link below for times:

Book My Vancouver to Whistler Bus Now

The Whistler bus from Vancouver airport (YVR) meanwhile costs $78.67 ($57.32 USD):

Book My YVR Airport to Whistler Bus Now

✈️ Heading in from YVR? Check out our guide on how to get from Vancouver Airport to Whistler.

Flights from Vancouver to Whistler

Planes sit at the Vancouver Floatplane Terminal

Unfortunately, Whistler doesn’t have an airport, so typical commercial jet flights are just not possible.

Luckily, there are Vancouver to Whistler seaplanes that not only get you there in just 45 minutes but offer a once-in-a-lifetime scenic escape as well.

Along the way, you get views of the Vancouver skyline, Howe Sound, and the North Shore Mountains. You then fly over majestic glaciers, rugged peaks, and lush alpine meadows.

Let’s take a deeper look at this Vancouver to Whistler transportation.

Looking for a cheap room? Check out our guide to Cheap Whistler Hotels.

Floatplanes from Vancouver to Whistler

Harbour Air offers floatplane service from the Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre to the Whistler Floatplane Terminal.

You’ll land 3 km north of Whistler Village on Green Lake, and they’ll even give you a complimentary shuttle to your hotel.

The service runs seasonally from May to October.

These seaplane flights cost $211.00 CAD for adults and $115.00 CAD for children

Click the button below to check out the latest seaplane schedules:

Book My Vancouver Whistler Seaplane Now

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How to Go to Whistler from Vancouver with Private Transfers

A private chartered van drives down the highway

Does lugging your skis through the streets of Vancouver at six in the morning sound like a nightmare?

The convenience of private door-to-door service via the top Vancouver to Whistler private transfers is the answer.

There’s a wide variety of private transfer options that connect Whistler Village to Vancouver.

The most reasonably priced private transfer costs $296.10 and will pick you up at any hotel or residence in Vancouver and bring you to Whistler in a luxury sedan or SUV.

Book My Private Transfer to Whistler

That said, our partners at Viator have a huge selection of options whether you’re coming from downtown, the airport, or anywhere else.

Feel free to take a look by clicking the orange button below:

Show Me the Whistler Private Transfers List

Looking to get to Whistler from YVR Airport? Check out our post on Vancouver Airport to Whistler private transfers.

Trains to Whistler from Vancouver

Passengers take pictures aboard the Rocky Mountaineer
Instagram: @rockymountaineer

At the end of 2015, the Rocky Mountaineer cancelled its Sea to Sky Climb service.

As a result, there is, unfortunately, no longer a dedicated train service connecting Vancouver and Whistler.

However, travel to Whistler is still offered as part of the Rocky Mountaineer’s Rainforest to Gold-Rush Package.

This allows you to spend one night in Whistler on your way to the BC interior’s gold-rush country before travelling through the Rocky Mountains to Jasper, Alberta.

The journey offers breathtaking views of BC’s varying landscapes, including lush coastal rainforests, vast ranch lands and rugged snow-capped peaks. All before you reach the stunning Rocky Mountain Trench and Rocky Mountain National Parks.

The Rainforest to Gold-rush Package is available in 3-day and 5-day packages.

For more information, check out our dedicated article on the Vancouver to Banff train.

What’s the fastest way to get from Vancouver to Whistler?

The fastest way to get to Whistler from Vancouver is by seaplane; however, since this is an expensive/seasonal option, I’ve broken down the fastest ways here:

  • Seaplane to Whistler: 45 minutes (seasonal, not during ski season)
  • Driving to Whistler: 1 hour 30 minutes (in optimal traffic)
  • Shuttle or bus to Whistler: 2 hours
  • Train to Whistler: No direct trains anymore (used to be about 2.5 hours)

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How to get from Vancouver to Whistler FAQ

How do you get from Vancouver to Whistler?

There are many ways to get from Vancouver to Whistler, including driving, bus, private transfer, train and even a summer floatplane service.

How to get to Whistler from Vancouver without a car?

To get to Whistler from Vancouver without a car, you can take a shuttle bus from Skylynx, a seaplane from the Vancouver port, or private transfers from all over the city.

How far is Whistler from Vancouver?

Whistler is located 120 kilometres (75 miles) from Downtown Vancouver. The trip takes approximately an hour and a half, depending on traffic and weather.

How long does it take to drive to Whistler from Vancouver?

The drive from Vancouver to Whistler takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

How do you get from YVR to Whistler?

The only direct transport options available from YVR airport to Whistler Village are the Skylynx shuttle and private transfers.

If you’d prefer, there is a wide variety of car rental options available on-site.

Can you fly from Vancouver to Whistler?

No, you cannot fly from Vancouver to Whistler with typical commercial aviation. However, there is floatplane service available seasonally from Downtown Vancouver and Whistler between May and September.

Can you drive to Whistler from Vancouver?

Yes, you can drive from Vancouver to Whistler: it is located 120 kilometres or a 1.5-hour drive up the Sea to Sky Highway-99 from Downtown Vancouver.

What’s the cheapest way to get from Vancouver to Whistler?

The cheapest way to get to Whistler from Vancouver is by taking a bus – the price costs just $46.00 CAD (about $24.62 USD) for a one-way trip.

What’s the most scenic route from Vancouver to Whistler?

The most scenic route to Whistler from Vancouver is the drive along Highway 99, better known as the Sea to Sky Highway. This route is renowned for its breathtaking scenery, encompassing mountains, temperate rainforests, and coastline views.

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Still Looking for transportation from Vancouver to Whistler?

But before we go, I’d like to encourage you to submit any more questions you have regarding Vancouver to Whistler transport.

Whether you hit me up in the comments below or on the Vancouver Planner Facebook page, I’m sure I’ll be able to get them answered ASAP and get you on your way.

See you on the slopes!


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