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vancouver hop on hop off bus in front of canada place

Hop On Hop Off Vancouver: Sightseeing Tourist Bus Guide

The Vancouver hop on hop off bus tour is an efficient, affordable, and convenient way for you to discover the city’s most stunning attractions.

In this article I’m going to show you what’s included with this sightseeing bus, and how to make the most of your trip.

Let’s hop on and see if it’s right for you!

  1. Vancouver hop on hop off bus tours
  2. Routes
  3. Prices
  4. Tickets
  5. Is the hop on hop off bus worth it?
  6. Map
  7. Schedule
  8. Tips
  9. Online or on site?
  10. FAQ
riders looking up at skyscrapers in downtown vancouver from the hop on hop off bus

Hop On Hop Off Tour: The Vancouver Sightseeing Bus

⚠️ Warning ⚠️ – Especially during cruise season, lineups to get HoHo tickets at Canada Place can really back up. Make sure you walk right on by booking your Hop On Hop Off tickets in advance.

I love this Vancouver bus tour because it combines the social atmosphere of a guided tour with the flexibility of independent travel.

It’s easily one of the best Vancouver city tours around as it eliminates transit worries and makes you a city expert with its world-class commentary.

On these sightseeing bus tours you’ll see the city’s top sights in as little as two hours.

You can get on and off as many times as you want.

In all, it’s a fine choice for:

  • Time-restricted travellers
  • First time visitors looking to get their bearings
  • Cruise ship passengers
  • People visiting Vancouver with kids (they love being up top on the double decker bus)
  • Senior citizens and people with limited mobility

Hop On Hop Off Vancouver Routes

Note (02/24/24): The Park Route is currently not running as it is off-season.

The hop on hop off bus tour of Vancouver has two routes.

In 2024, your hop on hop off passes get you access to both:

  1. City Route – Vancouver Art Gallery, Pacific Centre Mall, Canada Place Cruise Terminal, Century Plaza, Sutton Place, Yaletown, Granville Island, Parq Casino, Science World, Chinatown, and Maple Tree Square
  2. Park Route – Gastown, Canada Place Cruise Terminal, Pinnacle Hotel Vancouver, Robson Shopping District, Coal Harbour, Stanley Park Pavilion, Vancouver Aquarium, Stanley Park Totem Poles, Prospect Point, Ferguson Point, Second Beach, English Bay Beach, Granville Island, Granville Entertainment District, Library Square, Stadium District, Chinatown, and Maple Tree Square

What’s great about these two hop on hop off routes is that they give you the chance to customize your own Vancouver itinerary at your own pace.

You can draw up a shopping vacation, museum excursion, nature & wildlife pilgrimage, or an entertainment and Vancouver sports outing all with one ticket – or mix them all for an all-inclusive feel.

Each Vancouver hop on hop off bus route also passes through the best Vancouver restaurants and bars neighbourhoods in the city.

vancouver hop on hop off bus tour in front of the steamclock in gastown

Hop On Hop Off Vancouver Prices

Warning: I’ve dedicated 1000’s of hours to this free resource and I want this to become my full time job – Tripadvisor, watch out! 😛 So please know I may earn a commission from some of the links here at no extra cost to you. You can read our affiliate disclaimer for more info.

  • Adults (24 hours): $61.95
  • Adults (48 hours): $80.48
  • Children 3-12 (24 hours): $31.50
  • Children 3-12 (48 hours): $40.79
  • Children (0-3): Free

As you can see, tickets are valid for 24 hours or 48 hours – unlike tours in other cities.

So, if you board at 4:00 pm you’ll get unlimited rides until 4:00 pm the next day (or the day after, for the 48 hour pass).

These flexible tickets can let you do the City Route one afternoon (ending with a nice dinner in Gastown for example) and then do the Park Route the next morning.

You can check your dates using the tool below:

Vancouver Hop on Hop Off Tour Tickets

Hop on hop off tickets can be bought on site at the Canada Place Welcome Centre and it’ll be the same price as buying online.

That said, I suggest buying them in advance so that:

  • You won’t have to wait in line to buy tickets in a busy tourist area
  • You get instantly delivered smartphone tickets 
  • You get reserve now and pay later tickets for great budgeting
  • You get free cancellation tickets up to 24 hours in advance in case of emergency

I suggest booking the bus tour with GetYourGuide, the world’s largest tourist ticketing platform. 

Need more info? Check out the HoHo pass at GetYourGuide using the orange button below.

vancouver hop on hop off tour bus in front of the lions gate bridge

Is the Vancouver Hop on Hop Off Tour Worth It?

Honestly, if you’ve already seen most of the sights, you love driving, or you just plan on walking around downtown Vancouver it might not be for you.

That said, since I know you’ve come to this page because you’re interested in Vancouver bus tours – let me add a bit of local knowledge to help understand the advantages of the hop on hop off tours:

  • Vancouver is hemmed in by mountains to the north, water to the west, and a river to the south.
  • As a result, it’s one of the densest cities in North America
  • Mass Vancouver public transit is limited mostly to the east (an area with zero major attractions)
  • Parking is expensive and there are tons of one way streets, bridges, and hills

In other words, covering all this ground by driving or transport can get stressful.

Sitting back and learning about the major Vancouver attractions is better than looking for a parking spot, or checking Google Maps to make sure Granville Island is near a Canada Line station (it isn’t).

Vancouver Hop on Hop off Discount Code

Unfortunately, contrary to popular belief, there are no hop on hop off Vancouver discount codes.

I’m still waiting to see if any of the Vancouver tourist discount passes come back – the Vancouver Attraction Passport is back, but doesn’t include hop on hop off discounts. 

For now, I suggest booking your bus tour via GetYourGuide.

It provides the highest level of convenience, allows you to avoid lengthy queues, gives the best rates, and allows for free cancellation and book now pay later tickets.

Vancouver Hop on Hop off Route Map

Here’s a quick hop on hop off Vancouver route map with the major stops on the City Route:

  • Stop 1 : Canada Place
  • Stop 2 : Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront
  • Stop 3 : Robson Shopping District
  • Stop 4 : Coal Harbour / Stanley Park
  • Stop 5 : Stanley Park Pavillion / Vancouver Aquarium
  • Stop 6 : Sutton Place Hotel / Robson street
  • Stop 7 : Granville Island
  • Stop 8 : Entertainment District / Chateau Granville
  • Stop 9: Sports District / Sandman Hotel
  • Stop 10 : Library Square
  • Stop 11 : Parq Casino
  • Stop 12 : Chinatown
  • Stop 13 : Gastown (Maple Tree Square)
  • Stop 14 : Gastown Steamclock

As you can see, all major sites that you could pack into a Vancouver two day itinerary are here.

Of course, you will be given one on board (naturally) – but just in case I’ll leave you a Vancouver hop-on hop-off route map pdf in case you want to download it.

Hop On Hop Off Vancouver Schedule

I’m happy to report that the full hop-on hop-off Vancouver schedule is now back – and running year round.

  • Summer: from 8:45 AM to 5:00 PM (every 20 minutes)
  • Winter: from 8:45 AM to 5:00 PM (every 40 minutes)

The complete hop on hop off route takes 2 hours without stopping.

Note that the last bus leaves at the start of the route – 1.5-2 hours before ending time.

vancouver hop on hop off bus at its first stop near canada place

Tips for Vancouver Canada Bus Tours

  • Buy your hop on hop off tickets online: Buying your Vancouver bus tour tickets in advance is convenient, allows you to avoid queues and most importantly can save you money!
  • Take the tour on your first day: This allows you to get oriented with the city’s layout early on in your trip. You’ll be thankful afterwards!
  • Prepare for Vancouver weather: Bring a hat, suncreen, and water for the sun – but maybe a jacket for Vancouver’s famous rain!
  • Take your own headphones: Yours will be much better quality than the free ones.
  • Start early: The hop on hop off bus Vancouver can get very busy during peak season. Start with the first bus to guarantee a bit of space.
  • Board at lesser known stops: If you can, avoid jumping on the bus at the main stops (Gastown, Canada Place, Granville Island etc.) during peak season. 

Vancouver Hop on and Off Bus Reviews

In reading through hundreds of Vancouver sightseeing bus reviews, I noticed a few common threads.

Number one, guests were usually very satisfied with the onboard guides:

They also noted the quick pickups and routes:

Also, it was noted about how easy it was to use to check off the city’s top attractions:

Again, no Vancouver hop on hop off reviews are perfect, and some guests also complained about the ages of the buses – but comfort is never an issue.

Where to Buy Vancouver Hop on Hop Off Bus Tickets

If you’re in the market for a Vancouver open top bus tour you’ve got two options:

Number one, you can go old school and buy your tickets on site at the Canada Place Welcome Centre – just a stone’s throw from the Vancouver Cruise Port.

I recommend this option for people who want to pay cash, but not much else.

Getting them at the window means a few things:

Again, I can’t stress enough how tickets cannot be bought at any other stops.

That’s why I strongly suggest booking your tickets online.

Booking Your Vancouver Bus Tour Tickets Online

In the post-COVID world online booking is king.

With many ticket offices shutting down and smart phones in everybody’s pocket, you can reserve your hop on hop off bus tickets in just a few clicks and have them on your phone in seconds.

This means you don’t have to wait in lines and you can board at any stop you want: Stanley Park, English Bay Beach, Chinatown, Gastown, Stadium District, Yaletown, you name it.

In booking online you also get free cancellation tickets up to 24 hours before your date.

For more information, click the designated link below:

Best hop-on hop-off bus Vancouver FAQ

Does Vancouver have a hop on hop off bus?

Yes, Vancouver has a Hop-On Hop-Off bus service for sightseeing.

How much is the Vancouver hop on hop off bus?

The hop on hop off bus costs $61.95 for adults and $31.50 for children for a 24 hour pass, and $80.48 for adults and $40.79 for a 48 hour pass.

What is the Vancouver Hop On Hop Off Bus?

The Vancouver Hop-On Hop-Off Bus is a flexible sightseeing tour service, allowing tourists to explore Vancouver’s major attractions at their own pace with unlimited on-and-off privileges.

Where to buy hop on hop off bus tickets Vancouver?

Hop on hop off bus tickets in Vancouver can be purchased online or at various tourist spots – though online is recommended for skipping lines.

Wow does the hop on hop off work in Vancouver?

The hop on hop off in Vancouver works by allowing passengers to board and leave the bus at designated stops, exploring attractions at your own pace.

What to do on the Vancouver hop on hop off bus?

With the Vancouver hop on hop off bus you can visit all major landmarks, parks, and the city’s best neighbourhoods; enjoy panoramic views and learn about the city’s history.

Where should I start my hop on hop off tour of Vancouver?

You should start the hop on hop off tour of Vancouver at Canada Place. That said, this is typically the most crowded spot to do it.

Other popular starting spots include Granville Island and Stanley Park.

Do my hop on hop off bus tour tickets include entrance to attractions?

No, hop on hop off bus tour tickets do not include entrance to any of attractions along the route – they must be purchased separately.

What is the bus frequency at each Vancouver hop on and off bus stop?

Hop on hop off bus frequency in Vancouver is every 20 minutes in summer, while in the winter season they’re scheduled for every 60 minutes.

For up-to-date Vancouver BC hop on hop off bus schedule information you can call 604-451-1600.

When does the last Vancouver hop on hop off bus depart?

The last Vancouver hop on hop off bus departs from Canada Place at 3:30 pm (Oct-Apr) and 5:00 pm (May-Sept).

When is the first Vancouver hop on hop off bus?

The first Vancouver hop on hop off bus is at 8:45 am in both winter and summer.

How long is the Vancouver hop on hop off bus tour?

The Vancouver hop on hop off bus lasts about 2 hours depending on traffic, but you’ll need to add time for any stops.

Can I take luggage aboard the Vancouver hop on hop off bus?

Yes, passengers can take standard size hand bags and backpacks but larger luggage (like checked in luggage on airlines) is not permitted.

In a rut? Remember that there’s an all day baggage storage spot at Canada Place (a typical bus tour starting point). Simply head to 999 Canada Place Way between 8:00am until 5:00pm to drop off or pick up.

How does the validity of Vancouver hop on hop off bus tickets work?

Tickets for the Vancouver hop on hop off bus tour do not simply expire at the end of every day.

You’re granted 24 hours from the time you first board. In other words, if you get on the Vancouver city tour bus at 3:00 pm on a Friday you’ll have until 3:00 on Saturday to explore Vancouver.

Still Looking for Vancouver Bus Tours?

Maybe I missed something that you’re just dying to know? Or maybe you’ve got something to say to help improve the blog.

Make sure you get in touch for questions about Vancouver bus tours or anything else related to your Vancouver vacation planning in the comment section below.

Enjoy! ⭐


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