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A seaplane in front of the Parliament Building, Victoria BC

Vancouver to Victoria Seaplane: What to Expect + New Times

The Vancouver to Victoria seaplane is the fastest way to travel between the two cities.

Also, unlike commercial jet flights to Victoria from Vancouver, it also gives you a front row seat to epic British Columbia scenery.

But how does it all work?

Let’s take a look at the seaplane from Vancouver to Victoria and get those questions answered.

Vancouver to Victoria Seaplane: Crossing the Salish Sea.

Vancouver to Victoria Seaplane

In many ways, the Vancouver seaplane to Victoria is everything a normal flight between YVR and YYJ is not:

  • The ability to go ‘door to door’ from downtown Vancouver to downtown Victoria (convenience)
  • No annoying 90-minute advanced check-in (time saved)
  • Free cancellation and free changes up to 24 hours before the flight (flexibility)
  • A maximum of 14 passengers (comfort)


The added value of flying to Victoria is that these seaplane trips are popular tourist attractions in their own right, offering stunning scenery in addition to convenience.

Naturally, any traveller planning a Vancouver itinerary with a bit of extra time should consider squeezing in a day trip to Victoria.

Here’s a sneak preview of what’s in store on the seaplane flight:

But, what do locals think about this flight to Victoria from Vancouver?

Let’s break down some reasons why you’d take a Vancouver to Victoria seaplane flight versus some competing options.

⚠️ Warning ⚠️ – We’re now in high season and seaplane tickets are in incredibly low supply (max 12 seats per flight). Make sure you lock in your free cancellation seats booking your seaplane tickets in advance.

How Long is the Sea Plane Flight from Vancouver to Victoria?

As mentioned, the seaplane goes straight from downtown Vancouver to Victoria’s Inner Harbour in only 35 minutes – bringing you steps from Victoria’s top tourist attractions.

Here’s a quick time comparison between seaplanes and normal Vancouver to Victoria flights:

  • Vancouver to Victoria seaplane: 50 minutes (35-minute flight, 15-minute advance check-in time)
  • Normal Vancouver to Victoria flights: around 3 hours (25-minute flight, 90-minute advance check-in, 54 minutes to get to downtown Victoria)

Also, if you’re living downtown or have booked one of Vancouver’s best hotels (all downtown), you’re saving about 35 minutes to get to Vancouver Airport.

The Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre is just steps from Canada Place, the Vancouver Cruise Terminal, the Vancouver Convention Centre, and Jack Poole Plaza.

In all, the Victoria Seaplane is a huge time saver for busy business travellers and locals without a car. 

a vancouver to victoria seaplane flying over downtown vancouver with stanley park
Seaplane to Victoria from Vancouver: The First Turn out of Vancouver Harbour.

Vancouver to Victoria Seaplane Prices

The cost of a one-way ticket for floatplane flights to Victoria can be found below:

  • Adults (12+): $296.04 CAD
  • Children (3-11): $158.51 CAD
  • Infants (0-2): free

Looking to add some additional services to your flight to Victoria?

Here’s how they break down:

TourDeparturePrice (CAD)Time Info
Seaplane single ticketDowntown$296.04See schedule/tickets
Seaplane + Return FerryDowntown$383.18See schedule/tickets
+ Butchart GardensDowntown$572.14See schedule/tickets
+ Whale WatchingDowntown$603.63See schedule/tickets
Finding the return price a bit steep?

Make sure to check out the one-way seaplane ticket with a return bus/ferry package – at $383.18 CAD, you’ll save $208.90 compared to regular round trip tickets.

Is the Sea Plane to Victoria from Vancouver Worth it?

The plane to Victoria (I’m talking commercial jets) is around $200.00, though these prices can touch $300.00 in Vancouver in summer.

The price of a normal Vancouver to Victoria flight can be cheaper, for sure.

That said, if you factor in the price of a Vancouver taxi to YVR ($30.00) and transit to get central in Victoria, the gap closes.

Not to mention you save about three hours each trip with the float plane to Victoria.

Also, with the seaplane to Victoria, you get free checked luggage, cancellation, and free changes.

With jet flights from Vancouver to Victoria, you’ll pay a premium for these services:

In all, the float plane to Victoria is about the same price or slightly cheaper for the same service – without even factoring in the value of their once-in-a-lifetime experience flight.

Completely out of your price range?

Consider taking a Vancouver to Victoria bus package with the ferry included for just $98.08 one way.

Vancouver to Victoria Seaplane Reviews

I’ve tracked down a database of hundreds reviews of the Victoria seaplane from Vancouver, and I’m happy to report they maintain a 4.5-star rating across the board.

Let’s break them down even further:

Vancouver to Victoria Seaplane: Docked in Coal Harbour.

Vancouver to Victoria Seaplane Service


  • The only downtown-to-downtown service between Vancouver and Victoria
  • 3x faster than the next quickest option
  • Incredible views of the British Columbia coastal fjords
  • A once in a lifetime flight for aviation enthusiasts
  • No 90 minute advance check-in period – just show up 25 minutes before
  • Gives you way more time to explore Victoria
  • Impeccable safety record
  • Viator Badge of Excellence for quality service


  • The most expensive way to get to Victoria
  • Less daily departures than the ferry

Again, I’ve already talked ad nauseum about this plane service to Victoria – so I think it’s time to leave it to some recent travellers to bring it on home.

Here’s a seaplane preview from Viator customer David_H about the boarding procedure + views:

vancouver to victoria seaplane review about views

Here’s Kathryn_P talking about falling in love with seaplanes:

vancouver to victoria seaplane review about seaplane fun

Finally, for those who are maybe a little apprehensive (not sure why she said comprehensive :P) here’s a seaplane review by Laureen_T:

vancouver to victoria seaplane review about short tip

>> Check out 150+ more seaplane reviews on Viator now

How to Book Victoria Seaplane Tickets

Warning: There are only 14 seats per flight to Victoria. As soon as you’ve decided on dates, I suggest booking your free cancellation tickets using the links here to avoid getting shut out.

Securing tickets for the Victoria seaplane from Vancouver is as easy as buying socks on Amazon – actually, it’s probably even easier.

Let me help you figure out how to book your seaplane tickets:

1. Open the Victoria Seaplane Ticket Link

  • Open up the Vancouver-Victoria seaplane link.
  • Here, you’re booking with a publicly traded company (Tripadvisor) with a $3 billion market cap.
  • Booking here gets you free cancellation tickets to lock in your dates with no risk.
  • You can also book with no money down if you’d like.
  • You’re also utilizing Viator’s lowest price guarantee.

2. Select Your Seaplane Departure Time

  • Click on the ‘Check Availability’ button on the seaplane page.
  • Select your dates using the calendar.
  • Enter the number of guests and click ‘Apply.’
  • Select your time and click ‘Book Now.’

Again, these seaplane tickets are super flexible: you can cancel your tickets free of charge all the way up till the day before your departure.

It’s also the only place you can book with no money down – there’s literally no risk in locking in your spot.

Not gonna go in the end? Just cancel them, no questions asked.

Vancouver to Victoria Float Plane: Docked on Vancouver Island

Vancouver to Victoria Seaplane Schedule

In peak season, Vancouver to Victoria float plane departures leave both cities every hour between 12:30 pm and 6:00 pm.

In the off-season, the planes take off from Vancouver at 1:30, 3:30, and 4:00 pm.

To ensure you get the right time for your flight from Vancouver to Victoria, it’s recommended to book online ASAPas there are only 14 passengers per flight.

I recommend booking Vancouver to Victoria seaplane tickets using Viator as it gives you free cancellation tickets, a buy now pay later option, and a great way to support this free resource 🙂

Is the Vancouver to Victoria Seaplane Safe?

Harbour Air, North America’s largest all-seaplane airline, places safety at the forefront of its operations, a principle that has been crucial to its success

The airline’s proactive approach to safety management has enabled it to aim for zero accidents and establish itself as a benchmark for safety in the global seaplane industry.

This is achieved by implementing a robust Safety Management System, which fosters a safer and more efficient environment for both employees and customers.

Constantly evolving to adapt, Harbour Air’s safety management practices are designed to ensure the well-being of its aircraft, team, and over 450,000 annual passengers.

Harbour Air’s dedication to safety and integrity is ingrained in its culture and is reflected in its exceptional safety record and pioneering industry innovations aimed at enhancing aircraft and operational processes.

Flights from Victoria to Vancouver: Easy Boarding

What to Expect on the Vancouver Victoria Seaplane Flight

Having done this myself, let me delve into what a typical seaplane flight from Vancouver to Victoria involves.

In general, passengers can expect an exhilarating and scenic journey that showcases the stunning landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  1. Check-in Process: Passengers are asked to check in just 25 minutes before the scheduled departure. The process is straightforward and you’re out on the dock in minutes.
  2. Pre-flight Briefing: Before boarding, passengers receive a safety briefing from the pilot or ground staff, covering essential safety procedures and information about the flight.
  3. Boarding: Boarding a seaplane is an intimate experience, as these aircraft are smaller than commercial airplanes, usually seating between 6 to 19 passengers. The staff assists with boarding, ensuring everyone is comfortably seated and buckled in.
  4. Takeoff: One of the most thrilling parts of the journey, the takeoff from water is smooth and offers an immediate panoramic view of the Vancouver skyline and Pacific Coastal Mountains.
  5. Flight Experience: The flight from Vancouver to Victoria is short, typically lasting around 35 minutes. Along the way you’ll see the Gulf Islands, the Strait of Georgia, and the coastline. The low flying altitude provides a unique perspective not seen on commercial jets.
  6. In-flight Comfort: Seaplanes are known for their cozy interiors. While the space is more compact than a commercial jet, the experience is more personal and the views more immersive. Noise-canceling headphones are often provided to reduce engine noise.
  7. Landing: The approach to Victoria is as scenic as the takeoff, with the plane smoothly descending onto the water. The water landing is a unique experience for those accustomed to traditional runway landings.
  8. Arrival: Upon landing, the plane taxis to the dock where passengers disembark. The process is quick, allowing travelers to immediately proceed to their next destination.

Seaplane to Victoria Restrictions

Before grabbing your seaplane flight to Victoria, please be aware of the following restrictions and rules:

  • Guests are advised to check in at least 25 minutes before departure.
  • The flights unfortunately cannot accommodate wheelchairs.
  • Each flight has minimum and maximum passenger count; if not met, the flight may be canceled.
  • Infants must be seated on an adult’s lap for the entire flight duration.
  • Certain follow a luggage limit of up to 25 lbs./11 kgs.
  • Seating arrangements can be altered ensure flight safety and balance.
  • Passengers must present a valid photo ID to board.
  • Only service animals are permitted; no other pets are allowed.
  • Flight durations may vary due to wind, weight, and weather conditions.

Vancouver Seaplane to Victoria FAQ

How much is a seaplane from Vancouver to Victoria?

Vancouver Victoria seaplane tickets cost $282.00 CAD one way.

Is there a flight from Vancouver to Victoria?

Yes, there is a flight to Victoria from Vancouver – you can get across the sea using a seaplane or with commercial flights from YVR airport.

Is the Vancouver to Victoria plane scary?

No, the Vancouver to Victoria plane is not scary – if you’re a comfortable flier on jets, you should have no problem.

In fact, many guests even remark that they don’t even feel seaplane water landings.

How much luggage can I take on the seaplane from Vancouver to Victoria?

You can take up to 25 kilograms (55 pounds) of luggage on the Victoria seaplane from Vancouver. This can be distributed across multiple pieces of luggage (one handbag, one suitcase, for example).

However, do keep in mind that the maximum baggage size is 25″ x 36″ x 36″.

Where is the Vancouver seaplane terminal?

The Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre is found in the downtown neighbourhood of Coal Harbour. It is just a short walk from Canada Place, the Cruise Terminal, Stanley Park, Gastown, and the Central Business District.

Where does the Victoria floatplane land?

The Victoria floatplane lands in the city’s famed Inner Harbour – right across the street from the Empress Hotel, the Parliament Buildings and the Royal BC Museum.

As soon as you deplane, you’ll be ready to explore Victoria’s most popular attractions – no transport necessary.

Ready for a Seaplane Trip from Vancouver to Victoria?

I hope I’ve answered all your questions about taking the Victoria Seaplane – you’re now ready to go from Vancouver Harbour to Victoria Harbour in a flash.

But it doesn’t have to end there.

If you’ve got any more specific questions about Vancouver to Victoria Seaplane or anything else related to Vancouver, hit me up in the comments below!

Warning: I’ve dedicated 1000’s of hours to this free resource and I want this to become my full time job – Tripadvisor, watch out! 😛 So please know I may earn a commission from some of the links here at no extra cost to you. You can read our affiliate disclaimer for more info.

Photo credits: Harbour Air

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