Author - Ash

I've lived in 5 countries and created content for travel websites like eDreams and Amex Essentials, but here I finally get to work my passion project - my hometown, Vancouver!

guests looking at a map on the vancouver whale watch tour

The 24 Best Things to Do in Vancouver in 2022

I’ve been looking for things to do in Vancouver since 1986. As a kid I was happy with forest trails, a dig for clams at the beach, or a trip to feed the squirrels in Stanley Park: then I grew up and wanted culture, cuisine, and cocktails. Now, I’m comfortably in between – so let’s get into my eclectic list of the most fun things to do in...

a vancouver boat tour boat underway outside of stanley park

Vancouver Boat Tours: Revealing the 5 Top Boat Cruises in Vancouver

Vancouver boat tours are a unique and fun way to soak up all the scenery that makes Vancity one of the most beautiful cities on earth. Whether you’re a tourist or a local looking for new ways to discover the city, boat tours are something to seriously consider. But what exactly is on offer and is it worth it? I’m gonna narrow down the Vancouver boat tour...

stone inukshuk monument at second beach west end vancouver bc canada

The Ultimate 4 Day Vancouver Itinerary by Locals

Planning a Vancouver itinerary doesn’t have to be hard. The awesome attractions and nifty nature packaged here on Canada’s West Coast can be done in a way that makes it easy on the odometer – and soft on the savings account. I was born and raised here and if I were a tourist this is how I’d do it. Got any other questions on how to visit...