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I've lived in 5 countries and created content for tons of travel websites but here finally I get to work my passion project - my home, Vancouver! :)

entrance sign to granville island in vancouver bc canada

12 Things to Do at Granville Island Vancouver

Granville Island Vancouver was once a mudflat full of tin factories and heavy machine shops servicing our city’s booming logging and fishing industries. It was only with the Great Depression that the area spawned its first merchants: squatters who worked the area for salmon, smelt, and wood to sell at the nearby Main Street public market. Today that...

the raven and first men miniature version at the bill reid gallery in vancouver bc

Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art

Hidden amongst downtown’s emerald skyscrapers, the Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art is like a root that’s had its sun blocked out by tall grass. If you’re in Vancouver it’s your duty to help let a little light in. It starts with leaving the contemporary art to New York or Miami… and taking a trip back to a time when a...

a taxi sign illuminated at night

How to Get a Vancouver Taxi Cab (+2021 Apps)

In order I’ve lived in Vancouver, London, and Barcelona and I have to say that the Vancouver taxi experience is by far the worst. The idea of just flagging one down is as foreign as ferret soup. And if that’s not enough we were the last North American city to get ridesharing. If any taxi system needed a guide it’s ours, but you’ll find with a...

The salmon oshi at Green Leaf Sushi

Must Eat Vancouver Food + Places to Try It

When people from another country ask me about Vancouver food I tense up and start apologizing like a true Canadian. Their expectation of a pervasive provincial dish like pizza, paella, or pad thai is met with my disappointing answer of… beaver tails? Fine, I’ll admit there’s no true Canadian national dish. But Vancouver is dishing out some of the...

A street sign in Little Italy, Vancouver

Commercial Drive Neighbourhood Guide

Lonely Planet recently named Commercial Drive one of the world’s top 50 neighbourhoods and who am I to disagree. But in an area that’s just as famous for its diverse bohemian character and fervent political activism as its rich Italian roots it can get confusing as to exactly why that is. Is that where the charm lies? Let’s figure...

A skier jumps on Grouse Mountain in front of the Vancouver skyline

The Ultimate Vancouver Skiing Guide

When talking about Vancouver skiing us locals are a bunch of braggarts. We’ll tell you it’s the only city in the world where you can walk on the beach and hit the slopes on the same day. It’s (technically) true. I’ll show you how to do it here with my guide on skiing in Vancouver. Index Overview Grouse Mountain Cypress Mountain Mount Seymour...