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best vancouver walking tour collage with street tour food tour nature tour and gastown tour

13 Best Vancouver Walking Tours in 2024

Vancouver walking tours offer an engaging alternative to endlessly scrolling through Wikipedia.

With the city’s top guides, you’ll dynamically experience the city, ensuring you’re well-prepared to ace any Vancouver test with firsthand knowledge and bonus exercise.

Let’s discover the best Vancouver walking tours tailored just for you.

Vancouver Walking Tours

In a city known for its diverse neighbourhoods and cuisines, it’s only fitting that walking tours in Vancouver try and cover a lot of ground – both literally and figuratively.

I’m here to break down the best ones whether you want culture, history, food, or a bit of all three.

That said, here’s a list of the top Vancouver walking tours:

Courtesy: Lost Souls of Gastown

Lost Souls of Gastown – Best Vancouver History Tour

Location: Gastown | Length: 1.5 hours | Cost: From $37.80 CAD

Undoubtedly, Gastown is one of the best Vancouver historical walking tours neighbourhood – and the most interesting.

Its cobblestone streets and narrow alleys evoke the spirit of a wild frontier town – not a bustling metropolis of millions.

On this Vancouver walking tour, which we ranked #1 on our list of best Vancouver sightseeing tours, you’ll be led through the streets by a professional actor telling tales of:

  • Vancouver’s Indigenous and colonial history
  • The logging industry & the gold rush
  • Unsolved murders
  • The Great Vancouver Fire
  • Smallpox outbreaks
  • Tales of revenge and redemption

This tour is particularly popular with groups seeking a unique city experience, as it offers hidden Vancouver gems and plenty of opportunities for socializing.

For reviews of the Lost Souls of Gastown tour and the best online prices, click below:

guide explaining nature on the talking trees walking tour of vancouver

Talking Trees Tour – Best Walking Tour in Vancouver for Nature

Location: Stanley Park | Length: 1.5 hours | Cost: From $75.00 CAD

There’s no better way to learn the history and culture of the First Nations peoples than this captivating interpretive walking tour in Stanley Park.

Led by a knowledgeable cultural ambassador of the First Nations, this tour offers a firsthand perspective on the ways in which Aboriginal people have cared for these lands, forests, and oceans for generations.

capilano suspension bridge and grouse mountain tour banner for 2024

Along the way, you’ll gain valuable insights into the rich heritage of local First Nations as you explore the natural beauty of Stanley Park.

The goal here? To deepen your understanding of their customs, traditions, and relationship with the environment.

For reviews of the Talking Trees Tour and the best online prices, click below:

roasted duck hanging in a window in chinatown vancouver

Wok Around Chinatown Tour – Top Chinatown Walking Tour in Vancouver

Location: Chinatown | Length: 4 hours | Cost: From $137.50

Here’s a great way to indulge in the flavours of the Orient while learning the history of one of Vancouver’s most important neighbourhoods: Chinatown.

This is one of the best food tours in Vancouver. It’s led by a local chef, and you’ll explore traditional medicine shops, cookware stores, and a Chinese bakery in search of delicious goodies.

Along the way, you’ll also visit Chinatown’s best restaurants, sampling everything from crispy BBQ duck to exquisite teas from Asia.

But it’s not just about the food – this cultural tour also takes you to:

And the grand finale? A sumptuous dim sum lunch to satisfy your cravings.

This is a small group tour so it’s mandatory to book way in advance. You can do so using the orange button:

Street Art Tour + Top Breweries – Best Street Art Walking Tour in Vancouver

Meeting point: Olympic Village Square | Length: 3 hours | Price: From CA$136.14

Vancouver is renowned for its thriving craft beer scene and vibrant street art culture, making for this unique cultural combo tour that’s beautiful and thirst-quenching at the same time.

This one-of-a-kind 3-hour tour takes you to the hottest street art spots in the city.

You’ll have the opportunity to explore the lively Mount Pleasant neighborhood, known for its stunning annual Vancouver Mural Festival, where you can admire the colorful artwork that adorns the streets.

Stops include popular breweries such as Faculty Brewing Co. and Electrical Bicycle Brewing.

aburi sushi with salmon on the walking tasting tour of vancouver

Walking & Tasting Tour: Best Walking Tour in Vancouver for Food

Meeting point: The Dominion Building (Gastown) | Length: 3.5 hours | Price: $129.28

Experience the culinary delights of Vancouver with a unique walking tour that takes you on a gastronomic adventure through downtown Vancouver.

With a local guide to lead, you’ll discover the city’s diverse cuisine and indulge in delicious tastings of sushi, poutine, ice cream, a ‘secret dish’ and more.

This walking tour not only satisfies your taste buds but also immerses you in Vancouver’s rich culture and history, as your guide shares fascinating history along the way.

With a limited group size of 10 people, you’ll enjoy personalized service and the opportunity to ask questions and get insider tips on where to eat, drink, and explore.

Make sure you book ASAP because they sell out quickly – you can do it using the button below:

tour guide in front of several tourist explaining some history during walking tour in vancouver

3-Hour Tips-Based Walking Tour of Vancouver

Meeting point: Canada Place | Length: 3 hours | Price: $7.35

Embark on a unique tips-based walking tour of Vancouver, led by a local guide, where you set the price.

Discover the city’s highlights, including iconic landmarks like the Marine Building and Gastown Steam Clock, while learning about its rich history and First Nations roots.

Connect with fellow travelers and make new friends from around the globe on this engaging 3-hour excursion, filled with insider recommendations and memorable experiences.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to book this tips-based tour. Book now!

If you want to stay longer around this area, you can try any of the best Gastown Vancouver hotels.

top view on 22 water street during the forbidden downtown and gastown walking tour adventure

The Forbidden Downtown and Gastown Walking Tour

Meeting point: Water St. | Length: 1 hour and 30 minutes | Price: $37,80

Explore Vancouver’s illicit history of bootlegging, rum-running, and prohibition on a guided best Vancouver walking tour spanning Victory Square and Gastown.

Journey through landmark edifices and historic locales as your knowledgeable guide animates the era with tales of corrupt officials, underworld figures, and glamorous showgirls who once dominated the city’s shadows.

Learn how Vancouver evolved from a rugged frontier settlement into a vibrant cosmopolitan center, concluding your stroll in Gastown, where former speakeasies and gambling establishments have transformed into trendy eateries and stylish Gastown bars.

This is one of the most interesting walking tour in Vancouver therefore get the change to book this already before it’s too late.

Top Vancouver Walking Tours Runners up:

Didn’t find something you’re looking for? Let me direct you to some runners-up:

holiday guests eating treats at a christmas market tour of granville island

Why Take A Vancouver Walking Tour?

You Learn the City History Like Nowhere Else

Each of the Vancouver walking tours listed above focuses heavily on Vancouver history.

This means you’ll learn how the city came to be, where the city is at, and where it is ultimately going.

If you’re a tourist this is a great education to take away from the endless consumption on holiday.

For locals, it’s a great way to learn about the place you grew up in – it’s amazing going around the city and having a new appreciation for familiar landmarks.

vancouver whale tour banner

You Get Insider Information

The Vancouver walking tour options listed above also open new windows into the city.

Yes, having a knowledgeable local guide whose job is literally to entertain and send people to the city’s hotspots is an enormous advantage.

Ask them where to go after the tour. Get their opinion on the best things to do in Vancouver or how to properly craft your Vancouver itinerary.

These types of concierge services usually cost a bunch of money at hotels, but here it’s free.

It’s a Fun and Social Experience

I’ve been travelling around for most of my adult life and I’ve always met cool people on walking tours.

I’m not promising you’ll meet the love of your life on walking tours of Vancouver, but you’ll at least find a couple of drinking buddies for the evening if you’re looking for that kind of thing.

Hell, at the very least you put in a ton of steps – we all know exercise while on holiday is at a premium.

About to Take a Vancouver Walking Tour?

These best Vancouver walking tours are sure to immerse you in the experience.

However, since your preferences are unique, I may not have covered everything you’re seeking. If you’re still uncertain or have specific questions, feel free to reach out in the comments section—I’m here to assist.

Wishing you a fantastic time on your Vancouver walking tours!

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