a harbour air sea plane flying in english bay with vancouver skyline

11 Best Vancouver City Sightseeing Tours for 2023

Planning on visiting Vancouver? Taking one of the best Vancouver city tours can be the best jumping off point.

Getting immersive, entertaining city information with a hand-picked list of Vancouver’s best attractions not only saves time – it increases the value of each second spent in the city.

Let’s break down the top sightseeing tours in Vancouver to see if we can find the right one for you.

Best Vancouver Sightseeing Tours

  1. Lost Souls of Gastown Tour: Best Vancouver history tour
  2. Stanley Park Bike Tour: Best Stanley Park tour
  3. Vancouver City Highlights Bus Tour: Best Vancouver tour for cruisers
  4. Prince of Whales Whale Watching Tour: Best Vancouver boat tour
  5. Vancouver Evening Bus Tour: Best tour to avoid crowds
  6. Vancouver Grand Bike Tour: Best value Vancouver tour
  7. Vancouver Instagram Tour: Best photography tour in Vancouver
  8. Vancouver Sea Plane Tour: Best Vancouver tour for couples
  9. Private Tour of Vancouver: Best private tour
  10. FlyOver Canada: Cheapest tour in Vancouver
  11. Victoria Highlights from Vancouver: Best Vancouver Island day trip

The Steamclock, Gastown Vancouver

The Lost Souls of Gastown Tour – Best Vancouver History Tour

Location: Gastown | Length: 1.5 hours | Cost: From $35.53

Gastown is the most historic neighbourhood in Vancouver, hands down.

Its cobblestone streets and narrow alleyways hint of a feisty frontier town, not a cosmopolitan city of millions. The first building was actually a pub built by loggers who were paid in whiskey.

Loggers, whiskey, you see where I’m going with this.

Let’s just say that as the city laid its roots down in Gastown there were plenty of unsolved murders to keep the cops busy. Throw in the Great Vancouver Fire, some smallpox outbreaks, and tales of revenge and redemption and we’ve got the makings of a delightfully macabre Vancouver walking tour.

I like this one for groups seeking city tours as it’s arguably the most social Vancouver tour, and it offers lots of hidden gems.

Each Gastown walking tour in Vancouver includes:

  • A 1.5 hour tour in English with a professional local actor
  • A dramatic finale in Maple Tree Square near many top Gastown restaurants
  • Possibility to reschedule up to 24 hours before

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Take Me to Gastown

A family bikes around Vancouver’s Seawall

The Stanley Park Bike Tour – Top Stanley Park Tour

Location: Stanley Park | Length: 3 hours | Cost: From $56.21

Stanley Park is one of the most fabulous urban parks in the world, and it stands out because it’s not the bi-product of any fancy landscaping. It’s exactly as nature left it – with about half a million trees.

Of course, that’s not to say it’s not one of the best things to do in Vancouver attraction-wise. The park has the Vancouver Aquarium, is home to breathtaking First Nations totem poles, and counts some amazing panoramic city views along the Stanley Park Seawall.

On this guided bike tour in Vancouver you’ll weave through old growth forest trails,  learn all about local flora and fauna, and learn the Coastal First Nations history of life before the settlers came.

Each Stanley Park Bike Tour includes:

  • A three hour guided tour (about 9 km total)
  • Top quality bike
  • Helmet
  • Lock

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Take Me to Stanley Park

riders looking up at skyscrapers in downtown vancouver from the hop on hop off bus

Vancouver City Highlights Bus Tour – Best City Tour for Cruisers

Location: Downtown | Length: 2.5 hours | Cost: From $64.00

I always recommend bus tours for anybody on day one of a Vancouver itinerary or for cruisers arriving at Vancouver cruise terminal.

That’s because it gives you a thorough introduction to the city’s highlights and allows you to make a plan of attack. Hell, at the very least since it includes all the major photo landmarks it’ll look like you were here for weeks! 🙂

Also, with hotel pickup and drop off this is much more convenient than the Vancouver Hop on Hop Off Bus.

Once you’re picked up you’ll be taken to prime downtown locations like Canada Place, Stanley Park, and Robson Street. It’ll also follow some of Vancouver’s best beaches along English Bay, before dropping you off at Queen Elizabeth Park.

The tour in Vancouver finishes up in Chinatown and Gastown (with a stop at the Gastown Steam Clock).

Each Vancouver City Bus Tour walking tour includes:

  • Guided Vancouver bus tour
  • Hotel pick up and drop off

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Get My Bus Tour Tickets

a humpback whale spotted during vancouver whale watching tour

Prince of Whales – Best Vancouver Boat Tour

Location: Granville Island | Length: 5 hours | Cost: From $97.29

This is one of the top Vancouver nature tours whether you’re grabbing their half day tours or their full on day trips from Vancouver that’ll take you all the way to Victoria.

What I love about their half day whale watching tour is that it departs right from Granville Island aboard the Salish Sea Freedom – the biggest, fastest ship in the fleet that’ll have you on whale grounds in a hurry.

The chance to see orcas and humpback whales in the wild is true bucket list stuff.

There’s a 90%+ sighting rate, and if they don’t deliver you’re allowed to come back another day. 

The Vancouver whale watching tour includes:

  • Refundable tickets for a 5 hour whale watching tour
  • Guided tour information from a minimum of three naturists
  • Educational materials and drinks
  • Free souvenir photo

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Take Me to the Whales

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vancouver hop on hop off tour bus in front of the lions gate bridge

Evening Guided Bus Tour of Vancouver – Best for Small Crowds

Location: Downtown | Length: 90 minutes | Cost: From $34.00

If you’re visiting Vancouver in summer and have limited time, but want to squeeze in all the golden hour glory into one quick trip this is the Vancouver tour for you.

The idea of this seasonal tour is to visit spots like Stanley Park (including Prospect Point), English Bay, and Queen Elizabeth Park under the amazing twilight rays, with much smaller crowds.

The tour in Vancouver winds up in Gastown, which is an ideal nightcap if you’re looking to explore the best bars in Vancouver.

Tours run at 19:30 daily between May 20th and October 10th. 

Each Vancouver night bus tour includes:

  • 90 minute guided night bus tour

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Take Me to the Evening Bus Tour

A cycle city tours passes Creekside park, vancouver

The Grand Bike Tour – Best Value Vancouver Sightseeing Tours

Location: Vancouver | Length: 5 hours | Cost: From $74.96

I love this one for Vancouver visitors who just want to get after it, consuming real Vancouver culture (and calories!) over an un-rushed ride through the city’s best areas.

This is one of these all-inclusive Vancouver tours that’ll get any true traveler excited. Along the day you’ll discover four major Vancouver can’t miss sights all from the seat of your bike:

All will be explained by an entertaining, fact-packed tour guide who’ll weave you through old growth forest, beach side promenades, and cultural hot spots.

Also, this is also the best value tour in Vancouver because it works out to be only $15.00 an hour.

This Vancouver bike tour includes:

  • A three hour guided tour (about 9 km total)
  • Top quality bike
  • Aquabus tickets
  • Helmet
  • Lock

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Take Me to the Grand Tour 

douglas coupland's digital orca with snowy mountain background in vancouver

Vancouver Instagram Tour – Best Photography Tour of Vancouver

Location: Downtown | Length: 1.5 hours | Cost: From $60.00

OK, so the name might be a bit deceiving for non millennials and younger – but this is a legitimate Vancouver photography tour that’ll load you up with iconic postcard-like photos with just your mobile phone.

This small group tour is run by a professional photographer. They’ll take you on seasonal and weather specific tours to city landmarks like: the art-deco Marine Building, the Olympic Cauldron, the Vancouver Art Gallery balcony, Gastown, Chinatown, and more.

All the while, they’ll be giving great photography tips and telling compelling stories of the city.

Each Vancouver Instagram Tour includes:

  • Excellent small group tour of Vancouver (5 guests max)
  • Guided storytelling at each landmark stop
  • 7 professionally edited photos

For Vancouver Instagram Tour reviews and the lowest price online click the orange button below.

Let’s Take Some Photos

the view of downtown vancouver and stanley park from a harbour air seaplane tour

Vancouver Seaplane Tour – Best Vancouver Sightseeing Tour for Couples

Location: Downtown Length: 20 minutes | Cost: From $159.57

This small group tour of Vancouver is for those who want to not only get the best city view, but for those looking for a true bucket list experience.

I mean, how many people have ever taken off in a sea plane? Departing right from Vancouver harbour, you’ll be up in the air in 60 seconds with epic views of Grouse Mountain, the skyline, and entire British Columbia coast.

The splash landing (don’t get the wrong idea, there’s no danger) is a huge thrill. This is great for couples seeking city tours in Vancouver with a little adventure.

Each Vancouver Seaplane Tour includes:

  • Vancouver seaplane tour lasting 20 minutes
  • Carbon offset levy
  • Admission to Harbour Air Seaplanes

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Take Me to the Skies

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coal harbour blue glass towers contrasting a grassy knoll at the vancouver convention centre

Vancouver Private Tour – Best Private Sightseeing Tour

Location: Vancouver | Length: 3 hours | Cost: From $315.59

For those looking for private sightseeing tours in Vancouver, look no further than the private Vancouver Sightseeing Tour – which is the top price-value ratio private Vancouver tour in the city.

Here you’ll get picked up directly at your Vancouver hotel and taken on a five star tour of Vancouver’s top attractions with your own professional guide – you’ll learn the history, laugh at jokes, and discover some great secrets to take advantage of during your stay.

The best part? With these private tours, once you’ve booked they’ll put you in touch with your guide to make a customized Vancouver tour depending on your interests.

This private Vancouver sightseeing tour includes:

  • Luxury van pickup from your hotel
  • 3 hour escorted tour in Vancouver with professional guide
  • Stops at the city’s top sights like Gastown, Chinatown, Granville Island, and more
  • Ability to customize your Vancouver tour directly with the guide beforehand

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Take Me on a Private Tour

riders laughing as they fly over the canadian landscape at the flyover canada ride in vancouver bc

FlyOver Canada 4D Video Experience – Cheapest Tour in Vancouver

Location: Downtown | Length: 8 minutes | Cost: From $26.45

Tell somebody it’s possible to fly across Canada in 8 minutes and wait for the look on their face – then tell them you did that at FlyOver Canada in downtown Vancouver.

This state of the art flight simulation uses of 4D technology to make you feel like you’re really taking a flight across Canada – whether you’re being sprayed with the mist of Niagara Falls or breathing in the scents of an Alberta flowerbed this is a true 5 sense experience. 

This is one of Vancouver’s cheapest tours and in my opinion since it’s indoors, it is one of the best things to do in Vancouver in winter.

The FlyOver Canada tour includes:

  • An 8 minute suspended flight simulator ride
  • Stunning visuals from Canada’s top urban and rural locations
  • Stops at the city’s top sights like Gastown, Chinatown, Granville Island, and more
  • Ability to customize the tour directly with the guide beforehand

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Take Me Across Canada

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Visitors at Butchart Gardens, Victoria BC

Victoria Highlights Tour  – Best Victoria Tour from Vancouver

Location: Vancouver & Victoria | Length: 13 hours | Cost: From $238.00

OK, so this isn’t a Vancouver tour but if you’re trying to squeeze Victoria (and Vancouver Island) into your trip this is the fastest way to do it – and you’ll see a National Historic Site of Canada with over a million bedding plants while you’re at it.

Butchart Gardens is an oasis of fountains, stunning sculptures, and tranquil streams kept prime by over 50 full time gardeners. You’ll also fit in the Empress Hotel, Canada’s oldest Chinatown, Victoria’s Inner Harbour and more.

This is one of the most romantic city tours on the list.

This Vancouver to Victoria day tour includes:

  • Hotel pick up and drop off
  • Driver/guide with air conditioned vehicle
  • Ferry from Vancouver to Victoria (return ticket)
  • Entrance fees to Butchart Gardens
  • Visit to other top Victoria attractions

For Vancouver to Victoria day tour reviews and the lowest price online click the orange button below.

Take Me to Victoria

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Looking for a Tour in Vancouver?

That’s Vancouver’s top city tours wrapped. That said, maybe you’re looking for something a little different?

Don’t be afraid to write me in the comments below – we answer every question here about tours in Vancouver, or anything else you may need while visiting Vancouver! Just try us.

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