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9 Best Vancouver Food Tours for Signature Local Eats in 2023

Foodie visiting Canada’s West Coast? There’s no better way to sink your teeth into our city than via Vancouver food tours.

It’s educational, it’s delicious, and visiting the city’s finest restaurants, breweries, and markets in one shot is a tasty time saver.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the best Vancouver food tours for 2022 whether you’re a visitor or a local.

Best Vancouver Food Tours

a burger with bacon and fried onions in gastown vancouver bc canada

Gastown Historic Food Walking Tour

Location: Gastown Length: 2.5 hours | Cost: From $124.95

This is one of the best Vancouver foodie tours because of its unparalled historic element (stop looking at the burger though, really).

Here you’ll be transported across Gastown’s classic cobblestone streets with an improv comic as a guide. With this in mind, you can expect a colourful reenactment of the area’s vibrant, if dark history.

Add seven food tastings at the best Gastown restaurants and three alcoholic drinks, and it’s without a doubt the best Vancouver food tour for meeting people.

On the food front, you can expect things like Japanese karaage chicken, Sicilian handmade tortellini, and the famous poutine: Canada’s national dish of handmade fries topped with cheese curds & gravy.

Throw in some local BC wine, a swirl of soft organic ice cream, and Vancouver’s award winning cheesecake and you’re in for treat after treat.

You’ll also get to sup on some of the best Vancouver craft beer.

Each Gastown walking food tour includes:

  • Improv comic guided walking tour of Gastown
  • 7 food tastings and 3 alcoholic drinks (non alcoholic options available)
  • Learn about the colourful local history of Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhood

For Gastown Food Walking Tour reviews and the lowest price online click the orange button below.

Take Me to Gastown

A Wok Around Chinatown: Culinary & Cultural Walking Tour

Location: Chinatown | Length: 4 hours | Cost: From $113.52

For fans of oriental flavours there’s nothing better than taking one of these walking food tours of Vancouver’s Chinatown.

Nevermind food tours – this is one of the best sightseeing tours in Vancouver, period.

On this Vancouver Chinatown food tour you’ll be on the prowl for goodies at traditional medicine shops, cookware stores, and a Chinese bakery – all lead and narrated by a neighourhood chef.

You’ll also visit Chinatown’s best restaurants for everything from the crispiest BBQ duck to some of Asia’s finest teas.

In addition to food, this cultural tour explores Chinatown’s most iconic landmarks and markets. Crucially, the tour includes entrance to the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden.

This delicious Vancouver food tour ends with a full dim sum lunch

Each Chinatown walking food tour includes:

  • A chef-guided tour of Canada’s largest Chinatown
  • Entrance to the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden
  • Sweet and savoury food samples from local markets and restaurants
  • Tour of local markets, apocatheries and landmarks
  • Full dim sum lunch

For Chinatown Food Tour reviews and the lowest price online click the orange button below.

Take Me to Chinatown

a server grabbing donuts at lees donuts at granville island vancouver bc

Food Walking Tour of Granville Island Market

Location: Granville Island | Length: 2 hours | Cost: From $64.87

Join an off duty chef and up to 10 fellow gourmands to tour Vancouver’s foodie nerd nirvana.

A standard visit here is already one of the best things to do in Vancouver. That said, adding some insider knowledge to the stalls of Granville Island Public Market to grab the most sought after snacks of them all takes it up about six levels of umami.

Over this two hour Granville Island Food Tour you’ll dig the deepest corners for fresh and delicious market treats.

Highlights typical of these Vancouver culinary tours include maple-cured salmon, artesanal chocolates, and a taste of Seth Rogen’s favourite local snack.

Each Granville Island food tour includes:

  • Chef guided tour of the Granville Island Public Market
  • Samples of the finest local products (charcuterie meats & cheeses, bread, olives, seafood, and more)
  • A guided tour on Granville Island’s history, craft beer scene, art galleries, and restaurants.

For Granville Island Market Food Tour reviews and the lowest price online click the orange button below.

Take Me to Granville Island

Fraser Valley Wine Tour

Location: Langley | Length: 5 hours | Cost: From $190.00

The city of Langley is located in the Fraser Valley, about 45 minutes East of Vancouver. Surprisingly, the area is actually considered to be prime wine-making region.

In fact, it’s even located on the same meridian as France’s vaunted Bordeaux region (I almost didn’t believe it!). While we may not be quite on that level yet, BC wines have begun to making inroads in international wine competitions.

What better way to sample the best the area has to offer than by partaking in this wonderful half-day Fraser Valley wine tour?

On this day trip from Vancouver you’ll receive hotel pickup/drop off in a luxurious Mercedes Benz Sprinter van alongside up to 11 additional guests.

You’ll then be transported to 4-5 Fraser Valley wineries to taste the very best that they have to offer.

You’ll wrap up the day with a scrumptious lunch.

This wine tasting tour includes:

  • Hotel pickup/drop off and transportation to 4-5 Fraser Valley wineries
  • Sample wines at each destination for a fee (waved with wine purchase)
  • Unique lunch at the end of the tour
  • Limited to 11 people

For Fraser Valley Wine Tour reviews and the lowest price online click the orange button below.

Take Me to the Wine 

Interested in a private tour? The option is also available through the link above.


Little Italy Walking Food Tour

Location: Commercial Drive | Length: 2.5 hours | Cost: From $93.45

A mention of the words Little Italy conjures up distinct images of old-world cafes, pizzerias, and family run trattorias. East Vancouver’s Commercial Drive is Vancouver’s version, even if it has taken a hipster twist over the years.

That’s all for the better though. In addition to getting a small taste of la dolce vita at nine of the area’s cafes, delis, pizzerias, and restaurants you’re also getting a great look into one of Vancouver’s best neighbourhoods.

This guided Vancouver food tour also offers colorful tales and folklore from the area’s checkered past in addition to the gelato, pizza, and cannolis.

Of all the top Vancouver food tours for Italian food lovers, this is the one.

Each Little Italy food walking tour includes:

  • Small group tour with guide of Vancouver’s Little Italy (Commercial Drive)
  • 7 delicious food tastings (typically includes coffee, cannoli, gelato, sausage, pizza, and more)
  • Learn about the area’s vibrant history and transformation

Update (06-21-2022): the Vancouver Little Italy Food Tour has yet to start up again after COVID. I will be adding the links once I receive word.

dumplings in a steamer at a vancouver dim sum restaurantRichmond’s Dumpling Trail

Location: Richmond | Length: 3 hours | Cost: From $60.00

The suburb of Richmond is Canada’s most Chinese city and home to many of Vancouver’s best restaurants.

It’s also one of the most authentic ethnic neighbourhoods in the world.

It’s here that you’ll find the best budget Vancouver food tour by sampling these crispy, chewy Chinese pouches filled with meat, fish, and even soup.

The guided tour features five restaurants all with distinct regional varieties. Expect Shanghainese pork dumplings, har gow shrimp dumplings, Cantonese siu mai and much more – all paired with tea and beer.

Vancouver Food Tour also run the Vancouver Vegan Food Tour, if you swing that way.

Each Dumping Trail foodie tour includes:

  • Lunch time food tour (11:00 am start) of a prominent restaurant district
  • Dumpling tastings at 5 restaurants
  • Tea and beer

Update (06-21-2022): The Vancouver Dumpling Trail tour has not yet started running again after COVID. I’ll be updating as soon as I have news.

ice cream served at a bar in vancouver canada

North Van Shipyards Food Tour

Location: North Vancouver | Length: 2.5 hours | Cost: From $93.45

Making the trek out to visit Grouse Mountain or the Capilano Suspension Bridge on Vancouver’s North Shore? You can parlay the trip with one of these Vancouver foodie tours of the Lonsdale neighbourhood in North Vancouver.

This is a 2.5 hour Saturday tour of the Lonsdale Quay Public Market and surrounding area. The iconic food market is home to about 60 locally owned stalls selling Vancouver food of all types.

Among the many food samples you can expect local candied salmon, chocolate avocado tarts, coffee buns, locally made ice cream and more.

Moreover, unlike our other best Vancouver food tours they’re not shy with the booze here – local craft beer and cider are on the menu!

Each North Vancouver foodie tour includes:

  • 2.5 hr guided walking tour of Lower Lonsdale
  • Around ten different foods from Lonsdale Quay stalls
  • 2 alcoholic drinks
  • Learn about the area’s original settlers/ship building

Update (06-21-2022): The Vancouver Shipyards Food Tour has not yet started running again after COVID. I’ll be updating as soon as I have news.

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a flight of beers at an east vancouver brewery

Vancouver Craft Brewery Tour

Location: East Vancouver | Length: 3 hours | Cost: From $109.00

OK, so we’re going to go a bit off course here as these won’t be Vancouver foodie tours per se, but snacks are included during this visit to some of Vancouver’s best bars.

Beer aficionados will be thrilled to learn of this popular tour of the city’s burgeoning craft brewery scene. Here, you’ll jump in an air conditioned bus near Canada Place with up to a dozen like minded friends.

You’ll then proceed on a trek out to “Yeast Van” (East Vancouver with a ‘y’, clever) to explore four of the city’s most popular breweries.

Past participants include Parallel 49, Bomber Brewing, Andina Brewing and Off the Rail.

The locations are subject to change, but at each location you’re guaranteed four 4 ounce tasters – that’s 4 proper pints over the whole trip, a decent haul.

This East Van beer tasting tour includes:

  • Guided tour of 4 East Vancouver breweries
  • Transportation from downtown Vancouver to East Van and back
  • Four 4 oz tasters at each location
  • Inside tips on Vancouver’s craft beer scene from your expert guide

For Vancouver Craft Brewery Tour reviews and the lowest price online click the orange button below.

Take Me to Yeast Van

beer fermenter at an east vancouver brewery

Vancouver Behind the Scenes Brewery Tour

Location: Brewery Creek/East Van | Length: 3 hours | Cost: From $115.00

If you’re on the lookout for an alternative to the Craft Brewery Tour, you’re in luck.

Unlike the previous craft beer tour, this is more of a look behind the scenes into the brewing process at three top breweries. The tour guides are brewmasters themselves.

In essence, you’ll be drinking less, but learning more. That said, expect ample beer tastings.

Vancouver Brewery Tours also offers convenient pick up near Waterfront Station.

I love doing this tour in Vancouver in winter as it’s a great way to keep warm.

This Vancouver brewery tour includes:

  • Transportation from convenient downtown Vancouver location
  • Behind the scenes tour of each brewery
  • A variety of tasters at all three locations
  • Free souvenir beer glass to take home

For Behind the Scenes Brewery Tour reviews and the lowest price online click the orange button below.

Take Me to the Beer

Vancouver Culinary Tours FAQ

What are the best places for food tours in Vancouver?

You’ll find the best food tours in Vancouver at Granville Island, Gastown, and Commercial Drive aka Little Italy.

What are the best food tours in Vancouver?

In general, if you’re looking for local flavours it’s best to take the Granville Island Market Tour for fresh local delicacies right from market stalls. If you’re looking for more of a gourmet vibe with some history thrown in then the Gastown Historic Food Walking Tour is your best bet.

Which experiences are best for culinary tours in Vancouver?

Taking the Chinatown Food Tour is the best all around experience, as it not only delves into the history of Vancouver but it also brings out the city’s authentic Asian soul. Expect to eat from bakeries, dim sum shops, and a Hong Kong BBQ place.

Also included in the foodie tour is entrance to the legendary Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Gardens.

Still Looking for a Food Tour Vancouver?

That completes my list of our favourite Vancouver BC food tours. In it, I feel it’s a comprehensive selection covering different cuisines, neighbourhoods, and attractions – but maybe I’ve missed something!

If you have any additional questions about Vancouver I’m here, as always.

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