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Author - Julian

I've used online guides on five continents to find the world's greatest travel spots and this is my chance to give back - with insider info on my home, the mighty Vancouver BC!

A BC Ferry passes through Active Pass

How to Get to Victoria from Vancouver from $18.50

The Garden City’s close vicinity makes it a perfect side trip for those already visiting Vancouver, but what’s the best way to get to Victoria from Vancouver? As someone who’s lived, worked and gone to school in both cities, I’m here to share with you a few Vancouver-Victoria transportation secrets. Let’s take a deeper look at how to get to Victoria...

tourists walking by a kayak rental shop at fishermens wharf in victoria bc canada

Plan the Perfect Vancouver to Victoria Day Trip in 2024

The short 93 kilometer trip between BC’s tourism crown jewels makes a Vancouver to Victoria day trip very possible. That said, there’s a pretty darn big sea in between the two cities so it’s going to take a bit of finesse, or a least a good guide to get going. That’s why I’m here to show you how to organize a day trip to Victoria BC from...

The sun rises over Vancouver’s skyline

27 Things to Do in Downtown Vancouver: What to Do DT

If you’re looking for the best things to do in downtown Vancouver, I’ve got the mother lode. These downtown Vancouver attractions run the gauntlet from a chill urban oasis to epic food and drink to full-on nights out. Let’s figure out what to do in downtown Vancouver! Things to Do in Downtown Vancouver Check out Stanley Park Stanley Park is a 405...

Visitors at Butchart Gardens, Victoria BC

Visiting Butchart Gardens: Victoria’s Floral Paradise

Butchart Gardens in Victoria has been called the most beautiful gardens on earth by National Geographic, CNN Travel, and more. True or not, these lush flowery gardens built on a concrete industrialist’s barren limestone quarry are inspirational – a type of topsoil Cinderella story, if you will – a beautifying project that keeps on giving even today...