Author - Julian

I've used online guides on five continents to find the world's greatest travel spots and this is my chance to give back - with insider info on my home, the mighty Vancouver BC!

tempura prawn dish in vancouver bc yaletown

The 15 Best Restaurants in Vancouver

Vancouver restaurants are just minutes from some of the most bountiful oceans, farmland, and vineyards in the world. Throw in a cosmopolitan population with Asia-Pacific flare, a super competitive landscape of constant openings, and some sustainable creativity and you’ve got one of the world’s great restaurant cities. But which are best the restaurants in...

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The Best Bars in Vancouver in 2022

In compiling my list of best bars in Vancouver I realized this is without a doubt the most well researched article on Vancouver Planner. Don’t believe? I have the bank statements (and possibly the memory loss) to prove it. From award winning cocktail bars to singles bars to dive bars that keep it cheap and cheerful I’ve got you covered. But! If you have...

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Vancouver Public Transport Mega Guide (+Local Tips)

Having trouble sorting out your Vancouver public transport? Well that’s no surprise. Even locals like us are still getting used to the nuances of the Vancouver public transportation system. I can only imagine how travellers like you feel navigating the city’s complex complex web of Skytrain (our subway/metro), bus, and ferry services. Luckily you don’t need to...

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The 15 Best Hotels in Vancouver

Vancouver has over 25,000 guest rooms across 224 hotels. With such a wealth of choice how can travellers get a room to suit their needs and fit in with their budget? Over the years I’ve talked to visiting friends, blog readers, and even stayed in a few myself to brew up this list of the best hotels in Vancouver. If you have any specific questions about a hotel...

A drone shot of Vancouver's West End

Vancouver West End Neighbourhood Guide

Vancouver’s West End is a perfect place to escape the crowds and tourist hordes of Downtown and areas like Gastown and Chinatown. This open and inclusive neighbourhood provides visitors with the perfect mix of beach casual and urban energy. Plus it’s the home of world famous Stanley Park! So come join me as we discuss all of this and more in our...