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The Best Vancouver Wine Tours: Sipping Excellence

Are you a wine enthusiast or just looking for a unique way to spend your weekend in Vancouver? Well, we have the perfect plan for you – a Vancouver wine tour.

British Columbia is known for its laid-back lifestyle and incredible mountain scenery, but many people don’t realize that the area is home to a budding wine industry filled with picturesque vineyards and delicious wines.

Whether you’re a tourist or a local, a wine tour is an ideal way to explore the city’s wine country and indulge in a glass or two of your favourite wine.

Let’s crack the cork on the best Vancouver wine tours.

Top Vancouver Wine Tours

Believe it or not, BC has become one of the world’s fastest-growing wine regions.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Vancouver, you simply can’t miss out on a wine tour – it’s one of the best things to do in Vancouver.

That said, a Vancouver wine tour is not just about sampling delicious wines.

It’s also about exploring the region’s breathtaking scenery, meeting passionate winemakers, and learning about the winemaking process.

And the best part? You don’t have to worry about driving! Most wine tours provide transportation to and from downtown Vancouver.

So, let’s take a look at the best Vancouver wine tours currently on offer, shall we?

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Wine Tasting Tours Vancouver

Fraser Valley Wine Tour

Pick up point: 901 W Cordova St. | Length: 6 hours | Price: From CA$180.00

This wine tour of Vancouver will take you to four local wineries where you can taste their delicious wines and learn about the wine-making process.

And don’t worry, they’ll make sure you get back to central Vancouver safely.

But wait, there’s more! Not only will you get to sample some amazing wines, but you’ll also be treated to a scrumptious lunch and some mouth-watering amuse-bouches along the way.

This actually doubles as one of Vancouver’s best food tours.


  • Round-trip transportation between downtown Vancouver and the Fraser Valley
  • A light lunch and several sweet and savoury snacks
  • Tastings and tours of 3-4 Fraser Valley vineyards
  • Knowledgable local guide

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A group samples wine on a Fraser Valley wine tour

The Fraser Valley Winery Tour

Pick up point: 999 Canada Pl. | Length: 5 hours | Price: From CA$190.00

Have you heard of Langley, just east of Vancouver? It’s the prime spot for winemaking in the Fraser Valley. And guess what? You can explore multiple wineries on a half-day guided tour, complete with a unique lunch at the end of the trip.

Not only will you get to taste some of the best wines in the region, but you’ll also learn about each winery’s history and specialty products.

And the best part of this Vancouver wine tour? You only have to pay a minimal fee to taste wines at each winery, or even better, have it waived with a purchase of wine. Score!

This tour is limited to 11 people, so you’ll get attentive service and a more personalized experience. Plus, hotel pickup and drop-off by air-conditioned Mercedes Benz Sprinter van are included.


  • Hotel pick up/drop off
  • Return transport from downtown Vancouver to the Fraser Valley in a Mercedes Sprinter van
  • Professional driver/guide
  • Visit 3-5 Fraser Valley wineries (time-dependent)
  • Wine-tasting (4 samples for $10-20 CDN per person per winery)
  • Light snacks

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Okanagan 2 Days Wine Tasting & Cherry Picking Tour

Pick up point: Hotel pickup | Length: 48 hours | Price: From CA$785.00

As great as the Fraser Valley is, it pales in comparison to BC’s most venerated wine region, the Okanagan Valley. Located 4 hours from Vancouver, the area is known for its breathtaking scenery, with romantic vineyards nestled between mountains and lakes.

It’s a stunning sight to see while sipping on some delicious wines. But how is an out-of-towner to get there without a vehicle? Enter the Okanagan Wine Tasting and Cherry Picking Tour.

This amazing 2-day adventure begins with downtown Vancouver hotel pickup.

Then it’s off on the 4-hour drive to the lively lakefront city of Kelowna, where you can spend your afternoon exploring the beautiful sights, like the waterfront boardwalk that surrounds the stunning Okanagan Lake.

Your accommodation is included.

After that, you’ll hit up Quails’ Gate Winery, where you can taste some of BC’s leading wines. Sip on some delicious vino while taking in the breathtaking views of the vineyards. You might even learn a thing or two about the winemaking process.

On day two, you’ll make a stop at Kempf Orchards, where you can pick your own cherries fresh from the orchard!.

Finally, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can take a bike ride through Myra Canyon Park. It’s a beautiful scenic route that’ll make you feel like you’re one with nature.


  • Downtown Vancouver hotel pick up/drop off
  • Round-trip transportation between Vancouver and Kelowna
  • 1-night accommodation in Kelowna
  • Visit Quail’s Gate Winery for tasting and a behind-the-scenes tour
  • An afternoon cherry picking at a local orchard
  • Biking adventure through Myra Canyon Park (optional)

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What to Expect on a Vancouver Wine Tour

Explore the scenic vineyards

The area around Vancouver is home to some of the most beautiful vineyards in the world, and a wine tour is an excellent way to explore them. You’ll get to enjoy the stunning views of the vineyards, learn about the winemaking process, and see how the grapes are harvested and turned into wine.

Taste the finest wines

One of the most significant benefits of taking a Vancouver wine tour is the opportunity to taste some of the best wines in the world. You’ll get to sample a wide range of wines, from crisp whites to full-bodied reds, and learn about the unique flavours and aromas that make each one distinct.

Learn about the winemaking process

A Vancouver wine tour is not just about tasting wine; it’s also about learning about the winemaking process. You’ll get to see how the grapes are harvested, learn about the fermentation process, and understand the ageing process that gives the wine its unique flavour and aroma.

Meet other wine enthusiasts

A wine tour is an excellent opportunity to meet other wine enthusiasts and share your love of wine. You’ll get to mingle with other tourists and locals who share your passion for wine and learn from their experiences.

Support local businesses

By taking a Vancouver wine tour, you’ll be supporting local businesses, including wineries, restaurants, and tour operators. These businesses are essential to the local economy and help to create jobs and promote tourism in the region.

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Vancouver Wine Tour FAQs

What should I wear on a Vancouver wine tour?

It’s best to wear comfortable clothing and shoes as you’ll be walking around the vineyards. It’s also a good idea to dress in layers as the weather can be unpredictable, so keep aware of the forecast.

However, wine tasting is typically a summer activity; a light jacket or hoodie should suffice – you can always leave it in the van!

Where is the best place to go wine tasting near Vancouver?

Most Vancouver wine tours take place in the Fraser Valley, about 40 minutes east of downtown Vancouver. This area is home to the largest concentration of wineries in the Lower Mainland.

The most popular wine region in the province is the Okanagan Valley, about 4 hours from the city. However, due to distance and time constraints, tour options from Vancouver are quite limited.

How long do Vancouver wine tours last?

The duration of a wine tour varies depending on the operator and the package you choose. Most tours last between 5-6 hours, including transportation between Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

However, if you opt for the Okanagan Wine Tour from Vancouver, you’ll be looking at a 48-hour excursion with overnight accommodation included.

Where do Vancouver wine-tasting tours depart from?

All the Vancouver wine tours on our list offer pickup in downtown Vancouver from either your hotel or a convenient centralized meet-up point. After your tour in the Fraser Valley (or Okanagan), you’ll be dropped back downtown, where the tour began.

Ready for Your Vancouver Wine Tour?

A Vancouver wine tour is an excellent way to explore the city’s wine country and indulge in some of the finest wines in the world.

Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or just looking for a unique way to spend your weekend, a wine tour is an ideal choice.

So, why not book a Vancouver wine tour today and experience the best of both worlds?

May your glass be filled with happiness?


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