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ropes and podium of the treetops adventure at capilano suspension bridge

How to Get to Capilano Suspension Bridge from Vancouver (3 Ways)

The Capilano Suspension Bridge shuttle takes approximately 18-20 minutes.

Can I take the Seabus to Capilano Suspension Bridge?

capilano suspension bridge and grouse mountain tour banner for 2024

As scenic as a Seabus ride across Vancouver Harbour can be, this is primarily a commuter vessel that runs every 15 minutes – and will only bring you the foot of North Vancouver, forcing you to take an additional bus which makes the trip about 20 minutes longer than a standard bus.

Looking to see Grouse Mountain too? Consider a Grouse Mountain and Capilano Suspension Bridge tour.

Visiting Capilano Suspension Bridge on holiday? Save up to $15.00 with the Vancouver Attraction Pass.

Getting to Capilano Bridge With Tickets: A Suggestion

Whether you’re getting Capilano Suspension Bridge discounts or not, you should be booking in advance online – especially in Vancouver in summer.

As you can see above, showing up without tickets means you could be showing up when tickets are already sold out.

In this case, as entrances are limited to create less wear and not overload the bridge, you could be asked to come back to a later time slot – or another day altogether.

Always book in advance to lock in your spots.

Need Directions to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park?

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