How Long to Spend at Capilano Suspension Bridge

A common question I get from readers is how long to spend at Capilano Suspension Bridge.

There’s a bit of a misconception that you just walk over the bridge, take a few photos along the way, and head back to the parking lot.

There’s actually much more to it than that – so let’s break it down.

How Long Should I Spend at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park?

First, know that Capilano Suspension Bridge is actually three major attractions in one.

Of course, we have the star of the show: the 460 foot long forest bridge, which sways just enough to get your heart rate up – but can hold the weight of a fully loaded 747.

Expect this to take about 20 to 30 minutes for the full walk, a mandatory stop in the middle for photos etc.

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How Long for the Secondary Attractions?

I use the term secondary very lightly here, because these are amazing sights in their own right.

My favourite is the relatively new (2011) Cliff Walk attraction:

Tourist peer over the edge of the Capilano Suspension Bridge
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Here you’ll walk along 20 inch wide platforms, bridges, and stairs sticking right outside a granite cliff face. There’s even a glass floor portion for the more courageous guests.

Expect this to take about 15-20 minutes depending on how long you want to hang out, quite literally, off the cliffside.

Then we’ve got the Treetops Adventure:

The Treetop Adventure at Capilano Suspension Bridge

This gives you the chance to walk across seven suspension bridges – connected to eight 60,000 pound old forest Douglas Fir trees (that have been around since the 1750’s) for an eagle eye view of the old growth forest.

Expect this to take around 20-30 minutes to do the full circuit.

Also, for the full visit you should consider another 30-40 minutes for the following:

  • The complimentary 10-minute History and Nature Talks tour by knowledgeable guides
  • A look through the gift shop
  • A great locally roasted coffee at Bridge House
  • Some live seasonal entertainment

In total, this means you should be spend about 2 hours at Capilano Suspension Bridge.

If you’re checking out some of the top places to eat near Capilano Suspension Bridge then add another hour, plus an hour for traffic and we’re looking at a four hour commitment.

Whatever you do, know that it is mandatory to book your Capilano Suspension Bridge time slots in advance – in going with Tiqets you get the added benefit of getting a free shuttle from downtown.

You can check your preferred time slots here:

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Still Wondering How Long to Spend at Cap Bridge?

One final thing: you’re going to want to know how to get to Capilano Suspension Bridge to make sure you don’t eat up time stuck in traffic

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