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capilano suspension bridge and sea to sky gondola

Capilano Suspension Bridge vs Sea to Sky Gondola: Which is Better?

Capilano Suspension Bridge vs Sea to Sky Gondola is a common tourist (and local) dilemma.

With only so much money to go around it’s possible you’ll only want to select one of these big ticket items, so let’s figure out which is better for you by comparing prices, what’s on offer, accessibility and more.

Which is Better Between the Capilano Suspension Bridge and Sea to Sky Gondola

Which one is cheaper?

On the surface the Sea to Sky Gondola has an advantage here. The $65.05 CAD round trip ticket is about $4.00 cheaper than the Capilano Suspension Bridge day pass ($69.25).

That said, if you’re driving this where the prices change: in 2023 prices expect to pay around $25.00 in round trip gas to get to the Sea to Sky Gondola from downtown Vancouver.

The cost to get to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park from downtown meanwhile is about $3.00, whether it’s by car or using Vancouver public transit.

Better yet: if you book your Capilano Suspension Bridge tickets via Tiqets you’ll get a free shuttle from downtown at Canada Place.

Here’s how the prices work out for two tickets with transport/car:

  • Sea to Sky Gondola: $153.10
  • Capilano Suspension Bridge Park: $138.50

Advantage: Capilano Suspension Bridge ✔️

Wow Factor

This is really a case of wow factor vs super wow factor, but there’s a clear winner here.

From a thrill standpoint being pulled 2905 feet up the mountain on the Sea to Sky Gondola is not only a greater rush, but offers much superior mountain scenery given its height.

In fact, the stunning views also include the turquoise blue Howe Sound, over 10 miles of hiking paths, and the legendary granite behemoth the Stawamus Chief.

Advantage: Sea to Sky Gondola ✔️

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Comparing the Amenities

Admission to Capilano Suspension Bridge includes: Treetops Adventure, Cliffwalk, 10-minute history and nature talks in English, downtown shuttle, and seasonal entertainment.

Admission to Sea to Sky Gondola includes: roundtrip ride on the gondola, Sky Pilot Suspension Bridge, and Summit Lodge Viewing Deck (with live music, BBQ pit etc.).

Beyond this, in the respective areas while there are many good places to eat near Capilano Suspension Bridge – Sea to Sky Gondola is naturally more isolated.

Advantage: Capilano Suspension Bridge ✔️

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Which is more accessible?

From downtown Vancouver the 122 km round trip to the Sea to Sky Gondola (which is actually in Squamish) takes between 45 minutes to an hour depending on traffic.

This is an extremely scenic drive along the legendary Sea to Sky Highway which is a tourist attraction in itself, something to consider.

Looking to see Grouse Mountain too? Consider a Grouse Mountain and Capilano Suspension Bridge tour.

Meanwhile, the 9 km trip from downtown to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in North Vancouver takes 12 to 22 minutes depending on traffic.

Don’t even think about trying this between 3:30 and 5:00 pm on a weekday as you’ll run into gridlock mania on the Lions Gate Bridge.

Schedule your Capilano Suspension Bridge visit either near opening time, or near closing time. An added benefit? The lighting will be much better for photos.

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Also keep in mind that the Capilano Suspension Bridge, owing to not counting on clear skies to max out the scenery, is a much better rainy day activity in Vancouver – and we have a lot of those days!

Advantage: Capilano Suspension Bridge ✔️

capilano suspension bridge and grouse mountain tour banner for 2024

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Analyzing the Reviews

The Sea to Sky Gondola currently has a perfect 5.0 score with ticket buyers with customers noting its amazing ocean/mountain view combo:

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park meanwhile has a fantastic 4.8 score with ticket buyers, with customers raving about the Treetop Walk and Cliffwalk:

Advantage: Sea to Sky Gondola ✔️

Capilano Suspension Bridge vs Sea to Sky Gondola Conclusion

If you’re looking to do the Sea to Sky Gondola you’ll more than likely be:

  • A visitor who has rented a car or a local with their own wheels
  • Wanting a full on day trip from Vancouver
  • A lover of pure nature escapes including lengthy hiking if desired
  • A younger adrenaline seeker or young at heart type

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to do the Capilano Suspension Bridge you’ll more likely be:

  • Looking for a quick, no hassle nature escape from Vancouver
  • Happy with a quick walk around without getting into full cardio mode
  • A more laid back tourist looking for a catered attraction
  • A last minute visitor making decisions on a rainy day

Either way, these are both among the best things to do in Vancouver so you can’t go wrong!

Visited one or both? Help me settle the question by chiming in with your opinion in the comments below!

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