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a woman ponders alternative transport to vancouver island due to bc ferries cancellations.

Tired of BC Ferries Cancellations? Check out our List of Alternatives

If you’ve been planning a trip to Vancouver Island lately, you might’ve heard the buzz about the recent surge in BC Ferries cancellations and delays.

With mechanical troubles and a dwindling workforce at the helm, getting between the mainland and Vancouver Island seems to have become something of a game of chance.

But don’t fret; your travel plans aren’t sunk just yet! I’ve got a list of alternative solutions to help you navigate these choppy waters and put the recent spate of BC Ferries delays behind you.

Understanding BC Ferries Cancellations

BC Ferries plays a pivotal role in the lives of both residents and tourists looking to get between Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

Serving as the primary mode of transportation across the Salish Sea, the ferries theoretically ensure seamless connectivity between these two regions.

But recently, that hasn’t always been the case. It seems like every long weekend; the news is filled with tales of three or four sailing waits due to staff shortages or mechanical failures.

In turn, passengers are left wasting countless hours in hot cars with dogs barking, babies crying, and travel itineraries dwindling.

These cancellations can be more than a minor inconvenience for travellers on tight schedules or with work commitments. So, as someone who’s lived, worked, and gone to school on both sides of the Gulf, I’m here to help you discover a few alternative solutions.

Alternatives to BC Ferries for Vancouver to Vancouver Island Travel

  1. The Victoria Floatplane – The Best Way to Get from Vancouver to Victoria
  2. Hullo – The Cheapest Way to Get to Nanaimo
  3. Flights from YVR – The Best Choice for Flight Passengers
  4. Helijet – The Fastest Way to Get to Victoria
  5. The Vancouver to Victoria Bus – The Most Budget-Friendly Alternative
a vancouver to victoria seaplane flying over downtown victoria with the empress hotel

The Victoria Seaplane – The Best Way to Get From Vancouver to Victoria

Imagine soaring above the picturesque coastline, with panoramic views of the Coast Mountains, the Pacific Ocean, and crowded ferry terminals beneath you.

The journey on the Vancouver to Victoria Seaplane is nothing short of magical. And you’ll also have the option of heading to alternative destinations, such as Nanaimo, Tofino, and the Gulf Islands.

And the best part? It’s quick. In just 35 minutes, you’re transported from the hustle and bustle of Vancouver to Victoria’s charming Inner Harbour.

No traffic, no long queues, just pure, unadulterated scenic beauty.

Plus, the downtown-to-downtown service means you’re right in the heart of the action the moment you land.

On the face of it, BC Ferries might seem like the more economical choice. But the scales start to tip when you factor in reservations, fuel costs, and time.

So, if you’re looking to maximize a short trip, the Seaplane should be your preferred option.

  • Speed
  • Efficiency
  • Central departure point
  • Unique experience

  • Cost

a Hullo passenger ferry enters burrard inlet near vancouver.
Courtesy: Hullo

Hullo Passenger Ferry – The Cheapest Alternative Between Vancouver & Nanaimo

Let’s talk about the latest buzz on the water: the Hullo passenger ferry. If you’ve been itching for an alternative to get between Vancouver and Nanaimo without the recent BC Ferries drama, you’re in for a treat.

Think of Hullo as the cool, hipster cousin of BC Ferries. Sleek, modern, and efficient, this high-speed catamaran promises a voyage that’s as smooth as your favourite latte.

The downtown-to-downtown journey is swift, removing the need to travel to BC Ferries’ distant suburban terminals.

Three fare classes are available, with tickets in comfort class starting at just $29.99 (one-way.) So, if you’re after speed, style, convenience, and affordability, Hullo is your go-to option. The only downside? As of yet, the ferry doesn’t offer service to Victoria. But that may change soon, so stay posted!

  • Cost
  • Central departure point
  • Comfort

  • Speed
  • Cannot handle vehicle traffic
  • Lack of service to Victoria
an air canada jet takes off at yvr airport.

Flights From YVR to YYJ – The Best Choice for Flight Passengers

Flying from Vancouver International Airport (YVR) to Victoria is a testament to efficiency and speed, starkly contrasting BC Ferries’ more leisurely pace.

You can choose between Air Canada or West Jet, or opt for Pacific Coastal Airlines, which operates out of the South Terminal.

For those on a tight schedule, connecting from elsewhere, or simply eager to maximize their time, the flight from YVR can be a game-changer, whisking passengers to Victoria in a mere 30 minutes of airtime.

Unfortunately, when you factor in the trip to the airport and lengthy check-in and boarding procedures, you’ll find much of the time savings is lost.

For this reason, I’d suggest opting for the seaplane unless you’re connecting from further afield. The service departs from downtown and offers a convenient check-in time of just 20 minutes before departure. Not to mention, you can enjoy a unique and convenient travel experience.

  • Speed
  • Choice of providers
  • Ease of use for passengers from abroad
  • Choice of destinations (Tofino, Port Hardy, Nanaimo, Campbell River etc).

  • Cost
  • Lengthy boarding & check-in procedures
  • Distance from downtown

a helicopter flies from vancouver to victoria offering an alternative in the face of bc ferries cancellations.

Helijet – The Fastest Way to Get to the Island

If you’re looking for a blend of comfort, convenience, and style, taking the Helijet might just be your ticket. Much like the Seaplane, Helijet slashes the travel time significantly.

While BC Ferries can take a couple of hours plus the drive to and from the terminals, a helicopter whisks you over the Strait of Georgia in just 35 minutes.

That’s not counting the avoidance of the often lengthy vehicle queues at the ferry terminals, especially during peak season.

Then there’s the comfort factor. Helijet’s spacious cabins are designed for relaxation and offer a quiet, smooth ride. You can sink into your seat, enjoy the view from above, and arrive refreshed and ready to go.

With convenient inner harbour departure points on both sides of the strait, you’ll immediately be in the centre of the action.

The downsides? Well, many passengers are a bit wary of helicopter travel. Not to mention, it is the priciest option on our list. Nevertheless, the Helijet is a viable BC Ferries alternative if you’re looking for a quick and luxurious trip across the pond.

  • Speed
  • Efficiency
  • Central departure point

  • Cost
  • Lack of comfort with helicopter travel

passengers boarding a bus from victoria downtown to vancouver airport

The Vancouver to Victoria Bus – The Most Budget-Friendly Alternative

The BC Ferries Connector is a coach service that offers transfers from downtown Vancouver to Victoria. As the name suggests, your ticket includes transport aboard BC Ferries from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay.

So, you might wonder what this is doing on a list of BC Ferries alternatives.

Well, hear me out. Unlike the traditional BC Ferries experience, where you drive onto the ferry or walk on as a foot passenger, the coach offers a seamless, no-fuss journey from downtown to downtown.

⚠️ Warning ⚠️ – Don’t have a car? It’s high season and Victoria bus-ferry combo tickets are in low supply. Lock in your spot with no money down/a free cancellation option by booking your tickets in advance.

Since it operates on a set schedule, the bus receives priority boarding over other vehicles in the queue.

You can board the coach, sit back in a plush seat, and let the driver handle the logistics. There’s no need to navigate to the ferry terminal early to secure a spot. When it comes to affordability, the coach service is cost-effective, especially when considering the added expenses of fuel and fares for vehicles.

Is it a true alternative? Well, that’s debatable. But, if you’re looking to hedge your bets against a two or three-sailing wait, the Vancouver to Victoria bus is another weapon in your arsenal.

  • Cost
  • Central departure point
  • Comfort
  • Number of departures

  • Speed
  • Reliance of BC Ferries

BC Ferries Cancellation FAQS

While it’s not a daily occurrence, cancellations can happen for various reasons, primarily adverse weather conditions. But as of late, labour shortages and mechanical issues have increased the incidents of cancellations and delays.

In most cases, BC Ferries will bump you to the next available sailing, which will likely be two hours later. If this doesn’t work for you, refunds are available using the purchase method for both reservations and fares at the ticket booth.

They don’t usually offer additional compensation, but if you’ve been majorly inconvenienced, it doesn’t hurt to contact their customer service to discuss any particular issues.

You can check out live updates on their website, sign up for travel advisories, or follow their social media channels. And if you’re already at the terminal, they’ll also have updates on the screen or over the loudspeaker.

Yes, if BC Ferries doesn’t fit the bill due to cancellations or delays, the new Hullo passenger ferry provides a viable alternative. Unfortunately, the vessel only serves Nanaimo, so those heading to Victoria will be out of luck.

The Victoria floatplane from Coal Harbour is preferred if you’re heading to the capital. And Heli-Jet, Air Canada, Pacific Coastal, and West Jet also offer flights.

Unfortunately, the new Hullo passenger ferry only offers service between Coal Harbour and Downtown Nanaimo. While they have hinted at plans for service to Victoria in the future, there is nothing concrete to report yet.

Ready to Navigate the Recent Wave of BC Ferries Cancellations?

The recent hitches with BC Ferries have certainly made waves, but they’ve also highlighted the resilience and adaptability of travellers.

And with a slew of alternative options at hand, Vancouver Island remains a beacon for all seeking its shores. So let’s put those pesky BC Ferries cancellations behind us and get those travel plans back on track.

Smooth sailing⛴️

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