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fake car driving up grouse mountain

Can You Drive to the Top of Grouse Mountain?

Grouse Mountain is Vancouver’s mountain playground. No matter how you get up there, it’s one of the most spectacular attractions in the country.

But can you drive to the top of Grouse Mountain?

Let’s find out.

⚠️ Warning ⚠️ – We’re now in high season. Lines for the gondola are long and you’ll likely have to wait several trips to get up – avoid this by booking no money down: Grouse Mountain tickets in advance.

The Grouse Mountain Skyride descends down the mountain
Instagram: @grousemountain

Can You Drive Up Grouse Mountain?

I’ve got a short answer to this question, and it’s a very unsatisfying word: sort of.

Yes, you’ll be able to drive from downtown Vancouver to Grouse Mountain – but you’ll only get to the base of the mountain.

capilano suspension bridge and grouse mountain tour banner for 2024

From here, you’ll have to park your car (day passes are $10.00) and take the Grouse Mountain Skyride up to the top.

This Grouse Mountain gondola takes takes just 8 minutes to climb the 2100 feet up.

The Skyride at Grouse Mountain costs the following:

  • Adults (19-64): $86.17
  • Seniors (65+): $75.40
  • Youth (13-18): $66.63
  • Children (5-12): $43.09
  • Toddlers (>5): free

This includes access to all of the top things to do at Grouse Mountain except for skiing and a few other paid activities.

?  |  Curious? Read some Grouse Mountain reviews from recent ticket buyers.

Looking for Grouse Mountain skiing? You’ll need to add on some extra money for your lift tickets:

  • Adults (18-64): $78.75
  • Seniors (65+): $57.75
  • Youth (13-17): $57.75
  • Children (5-12): $28.53
  • Toddlers (0-5): free

Looking to drive all the way up for Grouse Mountain in summer? You’ll be better off selecting Cypress Ski Resort for your day out on the slopes.

Finally, as I mentioned in my post on how long to spend at Grouse Mountain, keep in mind that during peak Vancouver summer and Vancouver winter periods it’s not uncommon to have huge lines.

Multiple gondola waits (they’re in the process of upgrading capacity, but we’re years away) can be avoided by booking tickets in advance so you can walk right on.

Still unclear on if you can drive up Grouse Mountain? Let us help.

We’re in the process of answering every Vancouver tourist question and we’d love to be part of your journey – so don’t be afraid to write in the comments below for free advice ?

Looking to see Capilano Suspension Bridge too? Consider a Grouse Mountain and Capilano Suspension Bridge tour.

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