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a girl crosses the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge, one of my favourite Vancouver hidden gems.

Visiting Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

Lynn Canyon Park in North Vancouver is one of the most scenic outdoor escapes in the Lower Mainland.

The waterfalls, hiking trails, and suspension bridge really bring British Columbia nature to life and it’s just minutes from the skyscrapers of downtown Vancouver.

Let’s take a deeper look on how to visit this hidden gem.

Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge & Park in Vancouver BC

From a tourist standpoint, if you’re visiting Vancouver on a budget then Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge is a fine money-saving alternative to the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

At 300 feet long it’s about 130 feet shorter than its famous Capilano cousin, but as it’s completely free we’re not counting.

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And even if the amenities are nowhere near on par, the old growth forest views are just as stunning – and the Lynn Canyon Park hiking trails can give you a more natural forest escape.

Unlike other top Vancouver attractions, here you can expect an excursion on your own two feet as opposed to something you park your car at.

It’s also dog-friendly.

Things to See at Lynn Canyon Park

Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

The main attraction is the 300 foot long suspension bridge, that stretches through a picturesque canyon painted green with British Columbia old growth forest.

The sound of the raging Lynn Creek 165 feet below, and the gentle if unnerving sway of the bridge will get your heart rate up a bit – offering a unique contrast that isn’t reserved for such peaceful surroundings.

The best part? This 120 year old bridge is free of charge, even if the first crossers were charged a nickle.

Visitors will marvel at the fantastic photo opportunities. Once you’re done crossing the bridge, that’s when the adventure really begins.

This is one of the most unique things to do in Vancouver.

Baden Powell Trail

This rugged marathon-distance 48 km hiking trail offers many of the best hikes in Vancouver.

The Baden Powell Trail starts in Horseshoe Bay.

It then traverses the entire ranges of the North Shore Mountains, connecting several of the regions top outdoor escapes including Grouse Mountain, the Capilano River, Lynn Creek, Quarry Rock in Deep Dove, and the Powerline Trails.

Hopping on at Lynn Canyon Park for an intermediate hike hugging the mountain slopes and crossing bridged rivers is a great way to make it a day trip from Vancouver.

From a tourist standpoint the Lynn Canyon Park to Grouse Mountain route is the most scenic.

Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre

The Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre is an education centre to help visitors better understand the lush, temperate rainforest and its animal life.

You’ll find an interactive exhibit on the environment, as well as nearly 100 educational nature videos to add a bit of knowledge to your excursion.

If you’re visiting Vancouver with kids there’s also a great education resource in their Kids Lab. It’s here that they’ll learn good earth practices, critical thinking skills, and how to lessen their impact on the environment.

Finally, there’s the Nature Shop which is a fine place to pick up a cheeky souvenir or two.

Hours: Monday to Friday from 10: 00 am to 4:00 pm and Saturday and Sunday from noon to 4:00 pm. Though walk-ins are accepted, it’s recommend to call 604-990-3755 to book your 30 minute visit at the Ecology Centre. 

Twin Falls Bridge

Just below the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge you’ll find two breathtaking waterfalls.

You can get access to the waterfalls from either side of the bridge. Just follow the signs down. Unlike the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge, the bridge taking you to the waterfalls down below is a lot more sturdy. 

Follow the path up river for calmer waters, and an epic picnic spot.

The Lynn Canyon Swimming Hole

If you’re visiting Vancouver in summer then you’ll want to bring your swim trunks for a dip in this 30 foot swimming hole.

Unlike the waters at Vancouver’s best beaches, you’re in for a treat here as crystal clear mountain run off water is the cleanest you’ll ever bathe in – even if there’s quite the chill awaiting you. For this reason I recommend checking the Vancouver weather forecast and waiting for a rare scorcher before doing so.

It’s also the only time that the water will be low enough to expose the small pebble beach.

How to Get to Lynn Canyon Park

Driving to Lynn Canyon

The Lynn Canyon Park entrance is just 18 minutes drive from Downtown Vancouver. It’s located in North Vancouver.

The address is 3690 Park Rd, North Vancouver, BC V7J 3K2.

As you can see, the suspension bridge is found in a green, forested residential area – don’t let it confuse you, you’re technically in the city! – in the vicinity of Grouse Mountain and Deep Cove.

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Getting to Lynn Canyon Park with Public Transit

 If you’re taking Vancouver public transport you can grab the Seabus from Waterfront Station and then the 228 bus to Lynn Valley – expect the trip to take about an hour. Get off the bus at Burrill and walk downhill for an easier, more scenic walk.

From most other top Vancouver neighbourhoods it’s possible, but I recommend using the Translink Trip Planner for specifics.

Lynn Park Suspension Bridge Vs. Capilano Suspension Bridge

A common question among tourists and locals alike, a type of scenic Pepsi vs. Coke bridge battle, often comes up – what’s better between Lynn Park Suspension Bridge or Capilano Suspension Bridge?

Let’s clear a few things up.

First of all, Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is essentially a gated private tourist attraction that’s a must for any Vancouver itinerary. Lynn Canyon Park on the other hand is basically a local park.

As far as the bridges are concerned Capilano is much longer, more majestic, and generally offers better views than Lynn Canyon.

Both are located in North Vancouver.

Bridge Sway and Sturdiness

Capilano has a much wider walking path, while Lynn Canyon is more narrow and has more of hanging dip to it.

As a result, if you’re looking for a bit of sway you’ll get more at Lynn Canyon. Since it’s not watched over, there are no ‘bridge lifeguards’ (they have these at Capilano) to prevent people from swaying it.

You’ll find more young people here messing around. Capilano is thus the better choice for smaller children and elderly people.


As mentioned, Lynn Canyon Park is an outdoor getaway best for serious hikers and nature buffs. Aside from the Ecology Centre and the Lynn Canyon Cafe there isn’t much in the way of services.

On the other hand, the Capilano Suspension Bridge has piled on the services and is one of the most well known attractions in Canada, including: 

  • Cliff Walk: a type of bridge (with glass floor portion) protruding off a granite cliff face
  • Treetops Adventure: seven suspension bridges connecting large old growth forest trees for a bird’s eye view
  • Story Centre: a historical centre with educational materials and workers in period dress
  • Restaurants: Cliffhouse Restaurant & Bar, a grill, and coffee shop
  • Shopping options: souvenir shops featuring all the Canadian classics

For hundreds of reviews on Capilano Suspension Bridge and the opportunity to book your spot, click the button below:

Lynn Canyon Park & Suspension Bridge Travel Tips

  • Try to avoid visiting Lynn Canyon Park on weekends as the crowds are much larger
  • Even on weekdays, going early around 8:00 am is probably the best for a little solitude
  • The bridge is not recommended for elderly people or very young children
  • Make sure you wear comfortable sports or hiking shoes
  • Bring a bottle of water as the hikes can get tiring
  • Check out some other Vancouver parks like Stanley Park and Queen Elizabeth Park
  • Double check the Lynn Canyon parking lot hours to make sure you’re not locked in
  • Don’t be afraid to ask locals on the many hiking trails for directions
  • The summer months are far superior for visiting
  • Make a day out of it and visit other North Vancouver attractions like Lonsdale Quay

Lynn Canyon Park FAQ

Is Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge free?

Yes. The Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge is free of charge.

How long is Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge?

The Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge is 48 meters long (157 feet) and you can expect to cross it in about a minute or two.

Where is Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge?

You can find the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver, about a 20 minute drive from downtown Vancouver.

Who built the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge?

Civil engineer architect C.H. Vogel designed the bridge and it was opened on September 14, 1912 for the Lynn Valley Days celebration. It was presumably commisioned by land owner Walter Draycott, who had bought a few parcels of land in the canyon after falling in love with the place during a 1911 picnic.

The original land cost just $600. 

Visiting Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge?

Don’t hesitate to drop me a line with any questions so I can help you explore and have more fun.

I’m here to answer any questions you have on visiting Vancouver, the Lynn Canyon area, or anywhere else in the Lower Mainland. Also, if I’ve been a help I’d really appreciate a like on the Vancouver Planner Facebook Page – thanks for reading 🙂

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