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the vancouver to seattle train running along the pacific coast

Train from Vancouver to Victoria

It’s important to know that there’s no train from Vancouver and Victoria.

This is because the two cities are separated by the Salish Sea.

That said, even though there’s no train to Victoria from Vancouver, I’m gonna come in hot with some alternatives!

Is There a Train from Vancouver to Victoria BC?

Look up there at the map.

That’s a heck of a lot of water to create train service between Vancouver and Victoria.

This natural barrier means direct land travel isn’t really possible – at least until Elon Musk figures it out.

Don’t worry though, whether you’re planning Victoria day trips or going over for longer, there are three solid alternatives here:

Alternatives to the Vancouver Victoria Train

In Canada, we’ve got too much space to be thinking about trains – here’s how I’d get to Victoria:

  • Vancouver to Victoria Ferry: This is the most common way to do it. You’ll need your own car or to rent one though, for the 30 minute drive to the ferry terminal. 3 hours.
  • Vancouver to Victoria Bus: Don’t have a car? You can get an all-in-one bus package to Victoria from downtown Vancouver. Just sit back, relax, and let them do the rest. 4 hours.
  • Vancouver to Victoria Seaplane: A stunning trip, and the only one that connects downtown Vancouver to downtown Victoria. It’s got stunning scenery and takes just an hour.

Finally, if you’re a tourist planning a typical Vancouver itinerary and want to fit Victoria in – I’d recommend this 100% if you’re spending a week in Vancouver.

You can actually save a lot of time by planning one of the best guided tours to Victoria from Vancouver.

vancouver whale tour banner

Still Looking for a Vancouver to Victoria Train?

Sorry to have burst your bubble on this one, there are no trains from Vancouver to Victoria! 🙂

Until the Victoria train from Vancouver train gets up and rolling (I’m predicting 2133!) you’ve got plenty of great options in the meantime.

Any more questions? Hit me up in the comments.


I've lived in 5 countries and created content for travel websites like eDreams and Amex Essentials, but here I finally get to work my passion project - my hometown, Vancouver!

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