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Victoria to Tofino Bus Options: Prices, Stops, & Travel Times

The Victoria to Tofino bus is pretty much the only affordable option for those taking the scenic journey from Victoria to Vancouver Island’s West Coast.

Provided you don’t have your own set of wheels (or a boat!) you’re pretty much out of luck otherwise.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the best way to make the trek to this picturesque beachside town that’s surrounded by ancient rainforests, surging surf, and stunning natural beauty.

victoria to tofino bus

Victoria to Tofino Bus

Operated by the Vancouver Island Connector, this is the perfect way to experience the natural beauty of Vancouver Island.

This scenic bus ride along the Pacific Rim Highway provides travellers with stunning views of coastal rainforests, local mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

The 317 km journey from Victoria to Tofino takes about six hours.

Seem like a lot? You can thank the winding forest roads for that.

Not to worry though! The comfortable, modern bus has Wi-Fi, so you can Netflix the ride away or even catch up on some work.

Victoria to Tofino by Bus Prices

The prices for the trip between Victoria and Tofino are as follows:

  • Adult (18+) – $91.10
  • Youth (12-17) – $71.97
  • Children (2-11) – $45.55

*Infants under 2 are free

**Prices are subject to change depending upon how close to departure you book.

Victoria to Tofino Bus Stops

Unfortunately, the Vancouver Island Connector does not currently offer direct service to Tofino from Garden City – nor from Vancouver for that matter.

The Tofino bus from Victoria counts the following stops along the way:

  • Victoria: Capital City Station
    Duncan: Cowichan Secondary School
    Ladysmith: 49th Parallel Grocery
    Nanaimo: Bus Depot/Departure Bay Ferry Terminal
    Parksville: Community Centre
    Port Alberni: 7 Eleven
    Ucluelet: Fraser Lane Transit Stop
    Tofino: Tourism Tofino/Co-op Parking Lot

Depending on departure, you may have additional stops added on (up to 16 in total). However, most are along the highway and should take no more than 5 minutes.

They shouldn’t add a significant amount of time to your journey.

capilano suspension bridge and grouse mountain tour banner for 2024

Capital City Station

Area: Downtown Victoria | Address: 721 Douglas St.

Where does the bus depart from? Here’s your answer: the Victoria Bus Depot.

It’s located within Capital City Station right in the heart of Downtown Victoria, right behind the iconic Fairmont Empress Hotel.

In other words, it’s a short stroll from the Inner Harbour and most Victoria hotels.

The station is a local transit hub, most notably for its daily departures of the Vancouver to Victoria bus.

The station is also walking distance from the Victoria Seaplane Terminal, the Victoria Clipper Ferry from Seattle and the Black Ball Ferry.

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Tofino Bus Stations

Once you arrive in Tofino you’ll have the option of getting off at three different stops.

The first stop is near the Tofino-Long Beach Airport and the stunning beach of the same name. However, most visitors will continue on further into town.

Those looking for things to do in Tofino who are staying in one of the resort hotels near Cox Bay or Chesterman Beach are better off getting off at the second stop, outside the Tourism Tofino visitor’s centre.

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Finally, if you’re staying in the city centre you’ll be better served by remaining aboard until the terminus stop outside the Coop Grocery Store.

Don’t be afraid to ask your driver or coach line staff for further directions.

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Where to Buy Victoria to Tofino Bus Tickets

When it comes to bus travel our recommended option is to use the popular ticket aggregator Bus Bud.

The site is our go-to source for bus travel for the following reasons:

  • They’re a proudly Canadian company started with the goal of making bus travel as easy as booking a flight or hailing a cab
  • They offer over 2,300,000 routes via 3,900 companies across 80+ countries
  • You will be provided with instantaneously downloadable tickets right to your smartphone
  • Their rewards program allows you to earn up to 6% of the value of your tickets in credits
  • You can manage and cancel your trips with ease and in most cases without penalty

Travel everywhere for less

How to Book Your Bus from Victoria to Tofino

Still puzzles on how to book bus tickets from Victoria to Tofino? Allow us to walk you through it:

  1. Book your bus tickets online well in advance in order to secure the best rates
  2. Arrive at the Victoria Bus Terminal at least 20 minutes prior to departure (boarding will be prohibited 5 minutes prior to departure time)
  3. Head to the Bay listed on the departures board and present your smartphone ticket to your driver for scanning
  4. Enjoy your trip to Tofino!

Tofino Bus from Victoria Schedule

Unfortunately, in the post-COVID era you’ll only have one daily departure to choose from.

You can check out the Tofino bus departure and arrival times at the main stops below:

StopsNorthbound StopsSouthbound
Vic. (Capital City Station) 9:45Tofino City Centre 10:30
Nanaimo (Arrival) 12:00Tourism Tofino 10:40
Nanaimo (Departure) 12:30Tofino-Long Beach Airport 10:45
Port Alberni 14:05Ucluelet 11:10
Ucluelet 15:35Port Alberni 13:05
Tofino-Long Beach Airport 15:50Nanaimo (Arrival) 14:30
Tourism Tofino 16:00Nanaimo (Departure) 15:00
Tofino City Centre 16:20Vic. (Capital City Station) 17:15
*There may be as many as 16 additional brief stops depending on departure and season

If you’re travelling during the November 23rd-March 31st low season departures are reduced to just three per week, with the exception of the holiday season.

Please check Bus Bud for the latest information.

  • Northbound – Monday/Thursday/Saturday only
  • Southbound – Sunday/Tuesday/Friday only

Victoria to Tofino Bus FAQS

Is there a bus from Victoria to Tofino?

Yes, there is a bus between Victoria and Tofino. The 317 km trip takes around six hours and counts about a dozen stops between the two cities. There is currently one bus a day departing from Capital City Station at 9:45 am.

Where does the Victoria to Tofino bus depart from?

Victoria-Tofino buses depart from Capital City Station, located at 721 Douglas St. in the heart of Downtown Victoria.

Where does the Victoria to Tofino bus stop in Tofino?

The bus from Victoria stops at three different locations upon arrival in Tofino, in addition to once in nearby Ucluelet. Firstly, you’ll stop at Tofino-Long Beach Airport to the south of town.

From there you’ll move on to Tourism Tofino which serves the resort hotels near Cox Bay and Chesterman Beach. The bus will then move on to the Co-Op Grocery Store parking lot in the town’s city centre.

How long is the bus ride between Victoria and Tofino?

The trip between Victoria and Tofino is about 317 kilometers and takes approximately 6 hours. The time frame can be attributed to the numerous stops in between and the winding mountain highway that’ll you’ll cross, particularly on the final 1/3rd of your journey.

How much does the Victoria-Tofino bus cost?

The price for the trip between Victoria and Tofino can vary depending on departure and season. If you’re able to use a ticket aggregator such as Bus Bud and book your tickets well in advance the prices can start as low as:

  • Adult (18+) – $91.10
  • Youth (12-17) – $71.97
  • Children (2-11) – $45.55

However, if you book at the last minute these prices have been known to rise to as high as $120 for adults. So we recommend acting fast.

Still on the Fence About Booking the Victoria to Tofino bus?

I’ve tried my best to answer the main questions regarding the Tofino bus from Victoria.

But maybe there’s something that I missed.

If that’s the case, then we’re always available in the comment section below. So don’t be afraid to hit us up for custom travel advice on anything Vancouver, Victoria, or Island-related.

Enjoy the beach?

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