Cost of Taxi from Vancouver Airport to Cruise Terminal in 2023

If you’re looking to get central quick then you need to know the cost of a taxi from Vancouver airport to the cruise terminal.

Let’s break down the options and prices.

What’s the Cost of a Taxi from Vancouver Airport to the Cruise Terminal?

If you’re boarding a ship at Vancouver Cruise Terminal and are arriving at Vancouver Airport (YVR), taking a taxi is one of the easiest methods going.

The 15.3 km trip (9.5 miles) takes around 30 minutes in normal traffic conditions.

Regardless of traffic and waits, the taxi fare from YVR Airport to Vancouver Cruise Terminal is a flat fee system.

Being in Zone 9 (Canada Place/Downtown) the cost of the taxi to the cruise port is $38.00.

Have roaming data or coming in from Canada? Uber or Lyft both have pickup spots outside the arrivals terminal as well.

Expect to pay between $30.00 (UberX) and $50.00 (UberXL) for these rideshare services.

In Vancouver in summer expect lines of about 20-30 minutes for taxis (our system is in need of an upgrade).

Alternatives to Taxis

In my post on the best ways to get from Vancouver Airport to the cruise terminal, I’ve given multiple options and I’m going to suggest two here.

One is to get a private transfer between YVR and the cruise port.

You’ll get your very own driver to meet you in the terminal, take your bags, and chauffeur you into town – private transfers are optimal for guests who want vacation mode to start from the second they land.

Here, you skip the taxi line and get downtown as quickly as possible.

This service starts at just $26.22 per passenger (or $19.50 in USD)

More Info on YVR Private Transfers

Finally, if you’re visiting Vancouver on a budget know that the Skytrain service leaves the airport every 5-15 minutes and can get you downtown in 30 minutes.

That said, this is for people who are not in a rush and are happy handling bags on Vancouver public transport.

How Much Does it Cost for a Taxi from YVR to Cruise Port?

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