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Seattle to Victoria Ferry: Three Hours, High Speed from $112.00

The Seattle to Victoria ferry is an adventurous, efficient, and scenic way to travel between these two coastal gems.

The ferry, aka the Victoria Clipper, is a high speed catamaran that gets you there in less than three hours.

Whether you’re looking at a day trip or a romantic weekend getaway, you’ll have everything you need for a smooth and memorable journey.

Let’s learn more about the ferry from Seattle to Victoria BC!

The Seattle to Victoria Ferry

The crystal clear waters, rugged fjord coastline, and epic wildlife makes any Seattle to Victoria ferry the perfect adventure for you.

Yes, there are actually four Seattle to Victoria ferries, though we use the word ‘Seattle’ quite lightly with most of them.

Here they are in order of convenience from Seattle:

  1. The Victoria Clipper (2 hours 45 minutes) – A direct, high-speed, passenger-only catamaran that travels between Downtown Seattle and Victoria’s Inner Harbour.
  2. The Anacortes to Sidney Ferry (4 hours) – A 2.5 hour sailing to suburban Victoria from Anacortes, 1.5 hours north of Seattle. The vessel only operates seasonally and is currently out of service till summer 2023.
  3. The Coho Ferry (4 hours 30 minutes) – A 1.5 hour sailing from Port Angeles, which a coastal town about a three hour drive from Seattle.
  4. The Vancouver to Victoria Ferry (3.5 hours minimum) – A 1.5 hour sailing from Tsawwassen Terminal, just across the border in Canada. The terminal is approximately 2 hours north of Seattle (not factoring in the land border crossing).

Looking at the options above, if you’re coming from Seattle the answer should be obvious.

Aside from the Victoria Clipper you’re looking at a significantly bigger investment in time, planning, and fuel.

Furthermore, Victoria’s compact city centre ensures that you’ll have no problem accessing most of the attractions on our list of Victoria’s top things to do without a vehicle.

For me, the Victoria Clipper passenger ferry is far and away the best ferry to Victoria from Seattle.

The Victoria Clipper

If you’re looking for a scenic journey between Seattle and Victoria, look no further than the Victoria Clipper ferry. This ferry offers a unique opportunity to take in some of the most amazing views of both cities as you sail across the Puget Sound.

The FRS Clipper ferry route takes you through Puget Sound to the Strait of Juan de Fuca, a body of water connecting the Pacific Ocean to Victoria.

On clear days, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the Olympic Mountains and the Cascade Range, as well as the rugged coastline of Vancouver Island.

Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife sightings including bald eagles, seals, and even orca whales.

So grab your camera and hop aboard for a journey that will show you why Seattle and Victoria are two of the most beautiful cities in North America.

🤔 | Curious? Read Seattle to Victoria ferry reviews and get lowest price guaranteed tickets from Viator.

Amenities Aboard the Seattle to Victoria BC Ferry

The Seattle to Victoria ferry is more than just a transportation option – it’s an experience in itself.

Onboard you can find several food and beverage options, including a cafeteria, snack bar, and coffee shop. There’s also a gift shop where you can pick up souvenirs, and a play area for children.

You’ll also have the option to upgrade to more comfortable leather chairs and family-style table seating with Vista Class tickets.

For just $15.00 per person (bookable on the Seattle to Victoria ferry Viator page) you’ll receive the utmost in comfort on the vessel’s upper deck.

Naturally, here you get superior views of the area’s ocean and mountain vistas.

Victoria Ferry from Seattle 2023 Prices

Below you can find the cost of one-way economy class transportation between Seattle and Victoria aboard the Victoria Clipper. Port fees and fuel surcharge are included.

As you can see, the rates vary slightly according to season. It is also recommended to book your tickets online in advance to secure the lowest rates.

DatesAdults (11+)Children (2-11)
Mar 1 to Apr 30$122 USD$67.50 USD
May 1 to Sept 11$132 $72.50
Sept 12 to Oct 31$122 $67.50
Nov 1 to Jan 16$112 $62.50
*Infants under 11 months old are free but must sit in a parent’s lap. The ferry is stroller & wheelchair accessible.

Also: you can save money by booking a return ticket from $141.00 using the link below:

Vista Class Option

Before checkout at Viator, you’ll be provided with the opportunity to upgrade to premium seating for $15.00 USD per ticket.

This upgrade provides you with leather chairs and table-style seating on the vessel’s upper deck for superior views.

How to Book the Victoria Clipper

Since establishing this BC travel resource we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with a variety of different online travel partners.

When it comes to the Seattle to Victoria ferry we elected to partner with Viator for the following reasons.

  • Viator is a massive company that offers over 300,000 travel experiences across the globe
  • The company is part of the massive Trip Advisor family assuring economies of scale
  • They offer a Seattle to Victoria ferry low price guarantee
  • Free cancellation and buy now/pay later tickets are available
  • They have an exceptional Trustpilot rating with over 110,000 reviews
  • They offer 24/7 customer service to ensure a seamless experience

Furthermore, the Seattle Victoria ferry has received fantastic reviews from past customers on this platform.

Here’s a little snapshot of some reviews:

Seattle to Victoria Ferry Schedule

Year Round8:00 am11:00 am
Double Departures (May-Sep)7:30 am | 3:15 pm10:45 am | 6:00 pm
Afternoon departures are only available in May (26, 29) | Jun 30 | Jul (2, 7, 9, 14, 16, 21, 24, 28, 30) | Aug (4, 6, 11, 13, 18, 20, 25, 27) | Sep (1, 3)

*In 2023 the ferry will be out of service between January 16th and March 1st to undergo maintenance in dry dock.

Seattle to Victoria Ferry Departure Point

Departure Point: Pier 69 | 2701 Alaskan Way

Morning departures at 8:00 am are offered from Pier 69 daily year-round.

However, during peak summer months a 3:15 pm afternoon ferry is added on select dates. On such occasions, the morning departure leaves 15 minutes earlier at 7:45 am.

Pier 69 is located adjacent to Belltown, a short stroll from the Pike Place Market and many Seattle hotels.

Parking is available for just $10 per calendar day at the nearby Bell Street Pier garage , directly across Alaskan Way from the Edgewater Hotel.

Border Procedures for the Victoria Ferry from Seattle

You will be required to pass through Canadian Customs & Immigration before you’re permitted to enter Victoria. On the outbound journey, this process will take place once you reach Canada.

Nevertheless, it is recommended that you arrive an hour before departure to allow plenty of time for boarding.

You’ll be required to bring one of the following travel documents for admission into Canada:

  • A Passport
  • Passport Card
  • Enhanced Driver License or an Enhanced ID Card (EDL/ID)
  • NEXUS Card

It’s important to note that on the return sailing the US Border Patrol is located within Victoria’s Bellevue Terminal.

You must give yourself enough time to clear customs before departure from Vancouver Island.

Again, arriving an hour ahead of time is recommended. The last boarding call is 15 minutes before departure.

Victoria to Seattle Ferry Departure

Departure Point: Belleville Terminal | 254 Belleville St.

Departures leave Victoria every morning at 11:00 am.

However, much like with Seattle additional departures are added on occasion during the peak summer tourist season. On these dates, the morning departure leaves at 10:45 am with an afternoon sailing added at 6:00 pm.

The ferry terminal in Victoria is right in the city’s famous Inner Harbour. So once you clear customs you’ll find yourself in the middle of the Garden City’s most vibrant neighbourhood.

Most of Victoria’s best hotels can be found a short walk away.

Or if you’d prefer, Clipper staff can quickly point you to a cab. So you can be settled and ready to explore Victoria’s top things to do in no time.

Enjoy one of the many Victoria Tours, hit up a museum or gallery or simply enjoy the local restaurant or craft beer scene.

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Victoria Ferry from Seattle FAQs

How long is the ferry between Seattle and Victoria?

The Victoria Clipper passenger ferry takes approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes to travel between Pier 69 and Victoria’s Inner Harbour. The ferry travels up Puget Sound through the Southern Gulf Islands before crossing the Strait of Juan de Fuca into Victoria.

What time does the Seattle to Victoria Ferry Depart?

The FRS Clipper offers daily year-round departures from Seattle to Victoria at 8:00 am. A second-afternoon journey at 3:15 pm is added on select dates from May-September, upon which the morning departure switches to 7:30 am.

The morning trip from Victoria leaves its berth at 11:00 am, with an evening sailing scheduled for 6:00 pm on select high season dates. When double departures are scheduled the morning departure changes to 10:45 am.

What are the customs procedures when taking the Victoria Clipper?

Since you’ll be travelling between Canada and the United States, it will be necessary to pass through customs and border patrol at the border. As such, you will need one of the following travel documents:

  • A Passport
  • Passport Card
  • Enhanced Driver License or an Enhanced ID Card (EDL/ID)
  • NEXUS Card

After the Seattle ferry to Victoria you’ll be processed through Canadian Immigration and Customs upon arrival. However, when leaving for Seattle you’ll be required to pass through U.S. Immigration/Passport Control before departure. So be sure to give yourself plenty of time to clear customs before sailing time.

Ready to Set Sail on the Seattle to Victoria Ferry?

I hope I’ve managed to convince you that the FRS Clipper is far and away the best way to between Seattle and Victoria. But maybe you’ve still got a few questions?

Not to worry! We’re always available in the comment section below whether it’s the Seattle to Victoria ferry or any other British Columbia travel advice.

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